iPhone 5S and 5C Releases and Replaces iPhone 5

Confirmed release date: September 20. iPhone 5 to be discontinued.

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Reports are stemming from Cupertino, California that the unveiled iPhone 5S and 5C will replace the current model iPhone 5. Carriers selling the iPhone 5 will receive notifications to discontinue and deplete inventory. This is a huge step in making Apple the front runner for phone sales during this Holiday season. Discontinuing the very popular iPhone 5 is causing some eyebrows to raise, especially for customers who just upgraded or purchased the phone. So, far details on the iPhones are as confirmed by Apple.

iPhone 5S

  • Space grey, white and gold is confirmed as colors to be sold. That’s right, black is not an available color for the iPhone 5S
  • Battery life is extended a full 2 hours for a max of 10 hours active talk time and about 250 hours in stand-by mode, nice
  • One key feature the iPhone 5S is offering that matters is the 64 bit chip that is also backwards compatible with the 32 bit chip
  • One amazing feature for gamers is the OpenGP ES 3.0 now offered on the iPhone 5S, this means bringing console gaming onto a smartphone and frankly with the world’s first 64 bit chip, we’re speculating it’s going to be amazing
  • The iPhone 5S will be made from aluminum, just like its discontinued predecessor
  • TouchID (this is the security sensor that has been rumored)
  • Enhanced camera specs to include a 120fps slow-motion camera, Burst Mode and Camera Roll review of pictures
  • A7 chip (woohoo!) The A7 and 64 bit chip makes the 5S twice as fast as the 5 and over 50 times faster than the original iPhone
  • Pricing begins at $199.99 for the 16GB model

iPhone 5C

  • Several colors include green, yellow, blue, red/pink and white. The iPhone 5C will be made from plastic
  • The same specs found on the now discontinued iPhone 5 will appear in a colorful option for the iPhone 5C (basically that is the easiest way to surmise it)
  • 4-inch Retina processor (like the 5)
  • A6 processor (yes, like the 5)
  • 8-megapixel camera and a very cool HD FaceTime camera
  • The iPhone 5C is the nice affordable option, the 16GB version begins at $99

Currently, there has been no word officially from the four major phone carriers, advising of a price drop.  AT&T continues to show the price of the iPhone at $199.99 and Verizon shows it selling for the same. With the announcement of the iPhone 5 being discontinued are questions if Apple will continue to support the phone. There has been no official word they would stop, just advising consumers once the current inventory runs it, it will not be replenished.

It seems the rumors have just been confirmed, for a detailed analysis, see the bottom of the article for the iOS 7 article written earlier today. There it is Apple fans! The iPhone 5 will be discontinued to make room for the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. Some fans were impressed by the increased camera specs of the iPhone 5S and many more are very happy to see an affordable option coming to the table. The iPhone 5C also have more LTE connectivity, on a global scale. This is music to the world’s ears. Will you be heading out September 20 to purchase one of the new models?
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Angelina Bouc
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