Apple iOS 7: Release Date and Features

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In less than a couple of hours, Tim Cook will be the most wanted man in the world. Apple is set to take the stage at their Cupertino, California headquarters to make some announcements. While Apple has remained mums the world, the rest of the tech industry has exploded with leaks, reviews and specs regarding several revelations. The iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPad 5 and the iOS 7 is set take center stage for the surprise keynote. While sources have leaked the devices should be available for sale around September 20, employees for carriers across the country are reporting otherwise.

Several wireless carriers and their unnamed sources, such as AT&T, Verizon and Apple have been told by management that vacation requests are being denied or delayed starting today through the end of the month. Sources close to the top CDMA and GSM carriers, AT&T and Verizon, report their management teams have suggested to be ready for on call services this week. While consumers have been enthralled with the new devices, further yet is the driving force behind the devices. The iOS 7 is packing a helluva punch and it’s time to uncover this beastly goodness.

From the mini clip above of the iOS 7, the features seem to be actually as mentioned; a lot like Android. Speculation remains on the specific release date of the iOS 7, but since it’s expected to be on the newest devices, one can gather this week or by the 20th, the release will occur. Let’s list some features that are making its way around Apple and beyond.


  • Control Center – ¬†the swipe feature is definitely something that can draw Android users over to Apple. Users can swipe up and navigate between options like Lock Screen, Wi-Fi accessibility and even Airplane mode.
  • Notification Center – swipe down to check your daily reminders. Never forget another anniversary, birthday or doctor’s appointment. The notification center can also advise you of weather updates and determine if a raincoat is needed in your immediate future.
  • Multitasking – in a page from its biggest competitor, Apple has discovered the functionality and beauty of multitasking. Over time, the interface actually starts to learn your habits. Check Facebook upon waking up daily? As you power up your device, Facebook will appear within the same time on average access. A swipe app will remove that specific task.
  • Enhanced camera features – with just a flip of your wrist capture the same panorama scape as iPhone 5 has. Except now, you can alter the image to square shaped, still and even alter color warmth. You can go for retro, black and white, fade and monochrome.
  • Photos and Collections – Imagine now your photos appearing in the order taken and even grouped in collection based on monthly, location and specific Holidays. As 2013 comes to a close, users can schedule a slideshow from their 2013 collection.
  • AirDrop – one of the most anticipated features is the AirDrop. You can share pictures, contacts and videos with the Share feature. You select what you want to share , click the person to share it with and encryption magic happens to send the information.
  • Safari enhanced – you’ll be able to see more of the web and less search features until you need the tools. In addition, the tab views allows you to see the last several web pages accessed, almost in a rolodex uniformity. iCloud can save password information as well to the most used sites in your inventory.
  • iTunes Radio – access Featured Stations to create your personalized list of songs. Hate a song choice? Select “never play this again” and iTunes will remove the selection. Love the song? Select “more like this” and personalize. This is an amazing tool.
  • Siri enhanced – Siri has boosted a level for male or a female voice. In addition, you can request the snappy voice assistant to check voicemail, call- back numbers and control iTunes. Yes, Siri has received amazing features and even more fun quips and comebacks.
  • Find My iPhone – finally! Apple has listened and provided a well to protect your information. Lose your phone? Good luck to someone who doesn’t have your password and Apple ID, they will be unable to locate your phone. You can go online and even erase information from your lost iPhone. Very cool and innovative specialties.
  • iOS in the Car – sync your car with your iPhone for hands-free interaction with your messages, calling and even Siri.

Wow! That was a bevy of exciting features of the iOS 7 release. Pepper in these changes with the newest devices, this is going to be a very strong final quarter for Apple. Moving into the new year, one can expect only more exciting changes for Apple. Are you looking forward to the iOS 7?

Angelina Bouc
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