Miley Cyrus Naked Riding Giant Ball in Latest Music Video (Video)

Miley Cyrus Naked Riding Giant Ball in Latest Music Video

Miley Cyrus Naked Riding Giant Ball in Latest Music Video

Miley Cyrus and VEVO have released her latest music video for her next single, Wrecking Ball. Compared to her We Can’t Stop music video, this one is rather tame. Although she has finally managed to shed every strip of clothing to appear naked while riding a giant ball in her latest offering. You can see the music video below.

Miley starts the video in her underwear. A sort of t-shirt and panties, with no bra under the t-shirt and the panties so tight that they almost appear to be part of her skin. But at least she doesn’t twerk anywhere in the video and she keeps the tongue action down to a minimum.

At one point, the 20 year-old singer suggestively licks the side of the sledgehammer with that ever present tongue. To give Miley credit, she does appear to be very attached to the tool. But then she was an actress before she was a singer, at least, professionally speaking.

At one point in the video she is in tears while singing the song. Impressive stuff. Almost as impressive as her riding the giant Wrecking Ball naked.

As this is Miley Cyrus and she has been increasing the amount of skin that she can show without being labelled a porn star, it really came as no surprise that she opted for the bare look. Despite the lack of making out with everyone on set – as she is the only person in the video that explains her tonguing of the tool – she still manages to get some risque shots in.

At least twice a Cyrus nipple comes dangerously close to appearing. Yes we did notice, it was kind of hard not to. The only unfortunate byproduct of Miley sitting naked on the top of a giant ball, is that you spend more time looking at her body than actually listening to the song. We dare you to watch the video just once and then try to remember the lyrics.

Terry Richardson directed the music video, which explains the fact that it is toned down a bit from We Can’t Stop. That video was directed by Diane “Miley’s not for old people” Martel. While this video will appeal to her audience in a way that We Can’t Stop couldn’t, her nudity remains a distraction.

Of course the riding of the giant ball makes one wonder if there was a J D Salinger connection there. Is Miley trying to say that her “fiance” Liam Hemsworth has something in common with the late great writer? In all likelihood, no. But that possibility does spring to mind after recent headlines about Salinger’s lonely testicle.

The song is lovely to listen to, but as mentioned above, you don’t want to watch the video and listen. All that Miley flesh makes it hard to concentrate on the lyrics. Still, as she is due to host, and sing, on SNL in October, she’ll have some new material to add to the MTV VMA fiasco.

So Miley Cyrus has taken the last step toward ditching that pesky Hannah Montana image. If riding naked on a giant ball in her latest music video doesn’t cause her former Disney alter-ego to die of shame, nothing will. You can see Cyrus in her birthday suit in the video below. What do you think? Too much?

Editors Note: Video Removed

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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  1. SAD. “Smiley Miley” has become “Crash Trash”. You bet she has been wrecking something in the hearts of many x-fans.

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