iPhone 5S Gold Sold Out Until October

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It appears the rumors were partially true. The iPhone 5S Gold was the hottest color to hit online and in stores. Online websites like Apple and AT&T are advising customers will be waiting for their phone for approximately 28 days. For colors Space Gray and Silver, customers are expecting up to a 10-day wait for online orders. It appears some customers enjoyed the benefit of the Gold. Early risers and overnight campers were the first to hold the champagne colored phone and cheer about it. Others groaned as store agents responded they were sold out of the iPhone 5S Gold.

The 2012 release of the iPhone 5 sold in record numbers; over six million devices were sold over the first weekend. Early reports are indicating Apple can foresee iPhone 5S sales outshining that number and is estimated closer to seven million. People were getting so serious on getting the Gold, spots in line were going to the highest bidder before the stores opened. The LA Times reported other customers were willing to give a man first in line dinner cards, but he declined. Another customer stated a gentleman bought him a burger and gave him some cash to hold a spot in line.

The spots were worth their price in gold, because that was a color many could not grab onto when they walked into the store this morning. Digital Trends listed an Apple store in Germany gathering a crowd of over 2,000 people before opening, stores around China handled 800 plus people at varying locations. Here in America, most the crowds thinned out shortly after the store opening. It seemed many opted for less popular colors Silver and Space Gray as runner-ups.

**Recent reports now streaming in states that stores in the United Kingdom are facing backorders on all colors. The stores across the United States are seeing backorders for Space Gray and White. It appears Apple’s initial ideal of surpassing iPhone 5’s numbers will come to fruition. If customers are looking to join the backorder list, it is best to hit the online retailers to purchase. The iPhone 5S Gold is sold out at stores and before the end of the day, its expected all colors will be on backorder into October or longer.

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