iPhone 5S Release Time Begins at 3AM

Lines have started forming across the country!

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The countdown is ON! AT&T brought down their site in anticipation of the sale to being at 12 a.m. pacific time and 3 a.m. eastern time. Apple is revving up its own site to offer the phone, including additional carriers across the county. In addition to the release of the iPhone 5S, it seems the number one GSM carrier is also promoting additional specials. The Galaxy S III mini for $0.99 will be added to the site once it comes back up. Customers may see reduced pricing on other phones, but the main phone on the block will be the iPhone 5S. This is an important note to keep in mind! The online site will be the only source to purchase a Silver or Gold version of the iPhone. The AT&T stores will sell only the Space Gray. Apple stores will sell all colors.

The countdown clock is on the site
The countdown clock is on the site

Rumors suggest the stores will open at the normal time for all retailers. There has been quivering speculation the iPhone 5S is grossly understocked and customers may run into roadblocks if the phones sell out. One thing to keep in mind? Stores and online orders each have their own inventory, so no wondering if online orders will consume store inventory and vice-versa.

Speculation is swirling the iPhone 5S may see sales in excess of over $7 million over the weekend. Employees for online orders have been told to stand-by 15 minutes prior to the release time and be prepared to be swamped. Here’s hoping servers don’t go crashing across the country as customers grab a cup of coffee and make it a three day weekend.

Under the hood of the iPhone 5S reveals more than just a carbon copy of its discontinued predecessor iPhone 5:

  • World’s first smartphone to be equipped with 64-bit chip support.
  • Fingerprint sensor called TouchID which can unlock services across the board for you.
  • Will be equipped with the very exciting iOS 7 interface.
  • The M7 core processor to amp up the power and performance of the phone.
  • The iSight comes with a larger aperture and a larger pixel size, resulting in clearer (if possible) pictures. In addition, Apple has increased better resolution in dimmer settings. Earlier reviewers of the iPhone 5S are stating the camera shots are similar to that of the Nokia Lumia 1020.
  • The M7 processor and apps compatible with the 64-bit chip will save battery life and should be roughly an hour of so more of the iPhone 5.
The TouchID is one of the more exciting features of the iPhone 5S
The TouchID is one of the more exciting features of the iPhone 5S

Residents in Manhattan started lining up two weeks ago and all around the world, lines are forming around corners. Sorry, to those that considered waking up, taking a shower and heading out. A few dozen people beat that idea and have been camping outside of the stores for the past few days. Although, those sitting in line may face their own level of disappointment if the inventory rumor becomes a fact.

This was from the iPhone 5 release, will iPhone 5S see a repeat?
This was from the iPhone 5 release, will iPhone 5S see a repeat?

Based on the initial response from the IFA crowd, the response was lukewarm on the initial review of the iPhone 5S. Now, customers have seemed to overcome that tepid response and is ready to brave the night. If co-workers are wondering at all of the empty seats tomorrow, turning on the local news may reveal the factor of red-eyed employees sitting outside of Apple, AT&T and Verizon stores.

The iPhone 5S will be released at 3 a.m. for those in the eastern time zone waiting to go online and order. New Yorkers have less than 10 hours to work their way into the store. Online stores will be open all night to assist customers with the biggest phone release this year. The countdown day has arrived! Will you be staying up late or waiting another day?

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