The X Factor Auditions #4 September 19 (Review)


The X Factor is having yet another night of auditions tonight. Who will be the awesome acts that will move on and continue to enchant and captivate us, and which acts will suck and be left by the wayside? Read on, to find out!

The auditions start out in Charleston, South Carolina. Mario Lopez, who is narrating the series this year, mentioned the four categories again, of Boys, Girls, Over 25s, and Groups.

The first contestant to audition is Andrew  Scholz, 18. He says he will graduate this Saturday. The song he sang is   “Too Close.” He didn’t have to sing very far into the song before the music was stopped.

Kelly said “it sounded a bit Karaoke.” Demi: “I didn’t think you felt comfortable on stage. You looked kind of awkward.” Paulina didn’t like the song., either. The audience booed them loudly, in disagreement..

Simon said “I have to disagree with these three.” He said he really liked his voice, that it wasn’t perfect, but he liked it. He gave Andrew a “yes.”

The other judges didn’t look like they were about to change their minds, Simon asked him if he had another song, and he said he did, so he sang “A Little More You.” He did great; the females, in particular, in the audience kept screaming their appreciation of the tune.

Demi: “That totally changed everything. That made more sense than the first one.” Paulina said “yes,” and so did Kelly, and Demi.

Simon: “You look like that All-American boy.” Andrew goes on to the next round! He said “I think the crowd and Simon helped me out a lot.” They sure did; but, he is a very good singer, and gets to continue in the competition.

Blake Shankle, 19, sings next. he is a bit full of himself, and says that people come up and ask for his autographs ever day.

Kelly: “You are so hot!”

Blake sings   “Jar of Hearts.”  He also has a very good voice, and he sings the song quite well, at least in my opinion – but, the judges didn’t agree.

Demi: “You know, you have a look, and the girls love it, but it was very theatrical.” Paulina: “I though he posed a lot.” Kelly said “no,” as did Paulina nad Demi and Simon. They seemed to believe that he was too “theatrical.”

Christina Harris  sang “Diamonds” by Rihanna. She stunk pretty badly, and the judges voted four “nos.”

Then, a young lady named Brandy tried to sing in Pig Latin — she sucked too. We saw a montage of “nos,” and Simon finally said, right before the commercial break: “Guys, can we call it a day now?”

Back at The X Factor, Paulina is not there, Mario says, because she is sick. So, just two yeses will let a contestant go on.

Ellona Santiago  sang “Wings” by Little Mix. I thought she did great, and she had some audience members on their feet clapping their hands in time with her. Simon said “Wow” to Demi, and applauded after the song was over.

Kelly said she thought it was really cute that Ellona came out acting shy, but belted the song out. Simon: “You are the girl I think I want to work the most with in this competition.” She had sang in a Group before that Simon had, but Simon did not at first recognize her.

Kelly: “I think you made this easy. Absolutely, yes.”

Demi and Simon gave her “yeses,” also, as we heard Katy Perry’s song “Roar” playing, and then — more commercials.  0

Paulina is back after the break. The first two contestants up sucked — the second was s duo of two teen girls. Simon: “I’d hate to be your parents.”He explained that he would, because he’d hate to hear them rehearse every day.

Next up, was Stone Martin, 15. The song he sang was “Little Things” by One Direction. He looked very young, but he sang really, really well, provoking screams yet again multiple times from the females in the crowd, especially when he sang the line: “I’m in love with you.”

Kelly gave her a “yes,” as did Demi, Paulina, and Simon.

Simon: “I think you have this incredible likability about you, and also a star quality. I really, really like you.”

Then, he added, after they all voted “yes,” that “you have four big, big fat ‘yeses.'”

After the commercials, we’re in Los Angeles for auditions.

Ashly Williams, 24, is up, from L.A. “You think that there is a market for you? Simon asks her. She says “yes.”

Simon: “What is interesting about you?”  Ashley answers: “I’m working on it.”

Ashly’s mother was murdered. “It was the worst moment of my life,” she tells the camera.

She sings Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.” She has a beautiful voice. The judges all seem to really like her voice. Simon was smiling when she hit the higher notes in the song. She had tears in her eyes, she was singing with such emotion.

All of the judges stood and applauded her.

Kelly: “You are saying ‘thank you’ to everyone. But, thank you, baby girl!”

Paulina: I was captivated with your talent.”

Demi: “I was left speechless, I had chills all up and down my body.”

Simon: “You know what? This is why we brought this show to America — to find people like you.”

She easily received for ‘yeses.’ “

“4,301 yeses,” Simon said, including everyone in the audience.

The X Factor was just one hour long tonight, but it was packed with a lot of great performances, as well as ones which stunk, as usual with auditions in any similar series, like American Idol. What did you think of the episode? Please leave your comments below!

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