iPhone 5S Release Date and New Color Shown [Video]

Speculation of release date leads to leaks of confirmation date.

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As September starts on this beautiful Sunday, incoming are rumors of the the possibility of a September 20 release date for the iPhone 5S and mid-range iPhone 5C.  This comes on the heels of the soon-to-be announced Apple event, scheduled for September 10 to focus on the release of the newest iPhone generation.  Consumers are waiting on purchasing and trading in devices, until the announcement is official from Apple. Gold was introduced into the line-up, and now a new color is being announced as shown in the video below: graphite.

The video provides a fantastic detailed review on the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, including additional color frames for the phones. Reportedly, employees of T-Mobile, who requested not to be named – stated they are being told to limit vacation time in September, because all hands will be needed on deck. This of course brings some truth to the release of the highly anticipated iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

Typically, after Apple announces and unveils a design, consumers see the model arriving on store shelves in a week. This corresponds with another T-Mobile source who states management is denying all vacation requests from September 18 through the 22. Apple employees are also reporting their management teams have also suspended vacation time from the 15 to the 28 of September. Verizon hesitated on confirming vacation blackouts, but admitted it could happen.

Currently, on the AT&T site, the iPhone 4 has been sold out for several days, this gives plausibility to the rumors of the iPhone 4 phasing out to make room for the iPhone 5S/5C. Wal-Mart has also dropped the price of the iPhone 5 to $98 with a 2-year contract. Excited fans are ready for the newest generation to be unveiled. Speculative rumors have been rampant since last winter. Rumors continually pour in from many unnamed sources; suggestively Apple may look to release a 128GB storage iPhone 5S. The phone, states the source, would only be sold at Apple for a limited time.

Apple has previously withheld varying memory storage phones from providers and kept the sales in house. That is to be expected with the newest releases of the iPhone generation. Consumers are rattling the fences to confirm specs- while speculation has been fierce, it is Apple who has not confirmed specifically any rumors. Sources close to the company have stated a fingerprint sensor will be on the newest iPhone 5S, including NFC support. Customers had previously depended on Android phones for the NFC support, so Apple entering the arena offers a nice competitive edge.

The excitement of the interface truly resides in the release of the iOS 7 operating system. Expect to see an introduction of the iTunes Radio accessibility on the iPhone 5S and 5C as well. Currently, sources – including the earlier listed video, state the iPhone 6 will not be part of the September releases. The iPad mini 2 may also be delayed, to focus on the unveiling of the iPhone 5S and 5C models.

Apple is also currently holding a trade-in special, which sources state is to bolster the image of the iPhone 5S and 5C sales. Many customers are holding off trading in until Apple confirms the actual release date of the phones. For consumers who prefer the lower pricing and greater credit usage, they can trade-in their iPhone 4 and 4S for an iPhone 5. The trade-in condition will come with a 2-year contract, with a selected provider.

The iPhone 5C per reports will be the mid-range and more affordable option for consumers. Expect an array of colors to thrill Apple fans, as finally Apple is bringing color into its arsenal. The iPhone 5S will be the advanced phone to buy. The specs are many, and a plethora of features is expected to create pandemonium at Apple stores and providers across the country. Early holiday shopping may be arriving on September 20 for consumers. From gold to graphite, customers can expect to hear the great news sometime next week. Will you be one of the early shoppers waiting in line for the newest iPhone?

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