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The world of online streaming is becoming a quick way to earn a few bucks! Target is currently offering beta access to select consumers to check out their new streaming service. Reportedly, big networks have signed deals with Target, including HBO to jump on board the streaming train. The service is called Target Ticket, and the second largest retail big box is stating it will host over over 15,000 titles. The titles will encompass movies, television shows and documentaries.

Target isn’t the first retailer to nab a piece of the streaming catalog pie. Wal-Mart acquired VUDU in 2010 for the newest releases at a cost; reviewing the sneak peeks of the Target Ticket, it appears to run the same process VUDU has. Of course many consumers also don’t mind a jaunt to the Redbox for $1 movie rentals for 24 hours of use. The Redbox streaming service does leave a lot of room for improvement. The service has a massive array of classic movies, including silent movies from the early 1900s. Netflix and HuluPlus have dominated the streaming services for many consumers.

The Target Ticket looks promising to avid movie-goers. Consumers can look to rent movies for up to $5 or own the movies for about $15. The service probably isn’t intended for consumers who enjoy the savings of the $7.99 monthly Netflix service and its competitor, HuluPlus. Overall, it appears the Target Ticket took a page from the playbook of Wal-Mart and iTunes on launching the service.

A screen review of the Target Ticket collections
A screen review of the Target Ticket collections

There is one advantage for opting for the Target Ticket over those two competitors, and that would be the REDcard discount. If a customer enrolls into the REDcard program, they can expect to see a 5-percent discount on all movie purchases. And, while a quarter doesn’t seem much of a savings, it is considerably so over taking the family to the movie theaters to spend five or six times as much.

One other feature the Target Ticket will boast is the parental options. The service will be equipped with Common Sense Media controls for parents to block specific content from being accessed. The filters are expansive to include removing movies from the line-up that has smoking or drinking included. This isn’t surprising, since smokers can’t purchase their habit at the retail giant locations.

Initial impressions give the Target Ticket a minor head nod. The service resembles Netflix in the setup by categories and scrolling through choices. It does have recent new releases, but some of the other movies displayed is already showing on Netflix. Where Netflix does lose points is the lack of parental controls for families who cannot filter out sexually laced movies. To really make an impact in the streaming world, Target would have to market aggressively.

The parental controls get a thumbs up from concerned parents.
The parental controls get a thumbs up from concerned parents.

The service thus far has pricing that can be seen as moderately similar to iTunes and VUDU. Television episodes can run a customer about $2.99 a hit for popular shows or $34.99 per season. This of course could be dynamic for avid Walking Dead fans. If curious about the service, the beta link is at the end of this article. To sign up for the beta login, consumers would have to be a Target employee or a REDcard holder. The login will describe information needed to check out the service.

One marketing angle that the Target Ticket will be introducing? A Target employee states new customers signing up to the service will receive 10 free rentals, once the beta switches to public access. This could be worth switching from VUDU or iTunes, but one wonder if subscribers will be willing to forfeit Netflix, Redbox, HuluPlus or Amazon. Overall, like VUDU and iTunes, it appears the Target Ticket service would make a great supplemental addition for watching new releases. Will you be looking forward to the Target Ticket, or sticking with your current services for viewing pleasure?

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