Fukushima Nuclear Disaster is a Real Possibility

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster is a Real Possibility

Commentary by James Turnage

While the world focuses on Syria and chemical weapons stockpiled by both sides in the conflict, other important issues are being ignored by the press.

First, although Assad is a ruler who needs to be deposed, the rebels offer a grim future for the war-torn country.  They are supported by al-Qaeda, and would create a terrorist country if they came into power.

Secondly, and possibly the most important story no one’s paying enough attention to, is the very real possibility that the Fukushima power plant could become a greater nuclear disaster than Chernobyl.

After the earthquake, and ensuing tsunami, a meltdown occurred at the plant, virtually destroying any hope of making it operational again.  The plant has been under a dismantling program since the disaster in 2011.  However, the Tokyo Electric Company, which is in charge of the removal of radioactive material, appears incompetent.

Radioactive water has been leaking from the plant at the rate of 300 gallons every day.  They have no way to contain it.  There are 3,000 pounds of extremely radioactive fuel rods which must be removed from reactor number eight.  Each rod must be removed individually and by human beings, not machines.  One minor accident with the removal of these rods would cause an unstoppable meltdown, the ramifications of which are unpredictable and inconceivable in possibility.

This weekend it was reported that even more radioactivity is leaking from the plant.

Is the extreme danger of the very real possibility of a meltdown at Fukushima being covered up by the governments of the world?  Are they suppressing the story, preventing the major news services from reporting the true conditions at the plant?

Governments around the world support nuclear power, even though Chernobyl and Fukushima prove that they have no knowledge of how to control the hazard after an accident.

The Japanese government has admitted that they have little confidence in the Tokyo Electric Company’s ability to dismantle Fukushima.  The have used makeshift tanks to control the contaminated water, which is increasing in the amount of leakage, and the level of radioactivity.

Local residents in the area of the plant will never be able to return to their homes.  They are not able to remove personal items such as family photos, etc., because they contain a dangerous level of radioactivity.

Reports say that a secondary meltdown at Fukushima would be greatly more destructive than the original in 2011.  The fact is that nuclear power remains a dangerous option.  The ‘experts’ have only been able to guess at the ‘what ifs.’

The truth about nuclear energy for peaceful purposes is that one accident is one too many.  The destructive force creates an entire area that is uninhabitable and useless for any purpose.

I recently saw some aerial photographs of Chernobyl.  It was reminiscent of the pictures of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The American public was told after Three Mile Island that nothing of a serious nature could happen again.  They told us that technology had advanced, and they knew how to control such a great force of nature.  They lied.  That was their job, and some of us believed them.

We will see the major news services report on Fukushima, but only after there is another nuclear disaster.

James Turnage


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