Jennifer Lawrence the Most Lovable Actress in Hollywood

JLawJennifer Lawrence, the Academy Award winning superstar, is the most lovable actress in Hollywood, easily. And why shouldn’t she be? She has a coolness that only intensifies each time I read about another sensational thing she’s done, said, or written.  Just when I think she cannot do something to top the last something she did, she proves me wrong. My immediate thoughts surrounding her alluring personality is that we could be best friends. You know- the kind of friends who would sit on the couch in brightly colored, fuzzy pajamas picked up at the Value-Mart. The kind of friends who would shovel copious amounts of popcorn and M&Ms in our mouths while watching reruns of Friends or Judge Judy, or maybe pop in The Big Lebowski for some belly laughs. Many of us can see that same fantasy, I am sure.

If you don’t know a lot about this easily lovable woman, you certainly have not been paying attention. If you are unfamiliar with her humility, humor, and ability to be a down to earth real woman, your life is far too busy, so take a break. If you have yet to form your own crush on her, let me see if I can help.

She makes decisions that suit her as opposed to what suits others and I don’t mean in a selfish, tantrum kind of way. For example, at the 2013 premier of “The Great Gatsby,” she showed up bare-faced, not a hint of any makeup except a dab of lip gloss, and easily outshone every woman in attendance. On her way to the stage to pick up her Academy Award for Best Actress, she tripped over her Dior Couture dress, which sent her falling into the steps of the stage.  Her second win of the evening should have been for best response when asked what went through her mind during the moment of the fall, “What went through my mind when I fell down? Uh, a bad word that I can’t say. (Laughs) That starts with ‘F.” During the same post-award press conference, she was photographed flipping off someone in the crowd. Had it been anyone but this charismatic Hollywood doll, some may have taken offense; luckily, she was already one of the most adored celebrities to grace the red carpet.

More proof that she is the most lovable Hollywood actress is her unique skill at being completely honest; it seems to come naturally to her. She doesn’t dumb down her answers, hide her truths, or make herself appear to be something she is not. She doesn’t showboat or put on airs, and her answers are always authentically relatable. From recanting the story of an awkward lap dance by an overbearing Little Bo Peep at a strip club, to admitting a lie she told as a child that she had to have her leg amputated, Jennifer Lawrence’s honesty has clearly raised the bar for other celebrities. We don’t want the characters they play, we want the humans they are when off set and off camera.  This is just my take, but Jennifer Lawrence is clearly the most lovable Hollywood actress because she shows us her humanness and faults off screen so that we more easily appreciate what she does on screen.


An op-ed written by: Amy Magness Whatley


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