Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake’s Brilliant #Hashtag Video

Jimmy Fallon and Justintimberlake #Hastag funny skit

Jimmy Fallon is a comedian with a cause as he partners up with Justin Timberlake in their brilliant “#Hashtag” comedy video.

The successful NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has been known for some outrageous and funny skits. In the video with Justin, they portray where the English language could be headed, thanks to the social media Twitter. User’s that enjoy punctuating every word with a #hashtag may just be slightly vexed by this video. With the previously discrete symbol now permeating most online communication, the impact of this on our speech could be disastrous. The witty skit is aimed at highlighting the ridiculousness of the recent explosion of hashtag hackneying. They have been pairing up  for many years now and when Jimmy Fallon made the 2013 Time’s most Influential People list, Justin was the one to step up and write a tribute to his friend. JT praised him for his talent but also couldn’t help himself by throwing in some funny pokes.

Jimmy Fallon knows this subject matter well since he has a whole segment dedicated to it. The segment is called “Late Night Hashtags”, finding tweets from various laughable topics.

The entire skit is comprised of funny pokes towards the hashtag generation and, while the rest of the world is giggling, Messina, the hashtag inventor,  is squirming.

He says, ” The sort of prideful fear that I have is that what [Fallon] depicted is actually how teenagers are talking now…. That’s not something I had really anticipated and now that I’m here I’m kind of like, ‘Oh my God… what have I done?”

When Chris Messina first introduced the hashtag idea, it was squashed by Twitter owner Evan Williams, saying that he “flat out rejected it.” Apparently, the concept was far too nerdy and would never catch on. Messina goes on to say that he kept it for himself and eventually the “…thought virus ended up infecting so many people around the world that now, in some strange way, we are all nerds I guess.”

Messina admits that the idea has become an entity on its own, as he had never intended it to infiltrate speech verbalized “out loud.” He speculates that the incorporation of the hashtag in conversations could be rendering deep, meaningful conversations obsolete (#DMC anyone?). Messina has also that the video depicts what the future of communication could look like in the very near future and that this could be terrifying for some. The bizarre evolution of the English language, and of communication as a whole, is not looking or sounding very intelligent.

In this video with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, Messina sets the record straight as he makes his appearance at the end. This is after Justin and Jimmy have explored mundane topics like cookies and TV shows with the hashtag quota increasing with every sentence, exposing what seems to have developed as a societal dependance on the hashtag for communication.

Watch the video with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake below and you may just start to slow down on those brilliant hashtags.

Written By: Jessica Rosslee

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