iOS7 – A “Bad Apple”? Top Five Complaints

Are you happy with iOS7?

Is iOS7 more of a bad apple than a revolutionary new Apple innovation? There have been many complaints including the top five below.

The other day I did an article about how well the new iOS7 and the new iPhone5s are doing business-wise (Click here to read that article).

On paper, the company looks like it can do no wrong. In the first week of launching, it had over 200 million downloads of its new OS and the new iPhones5s were flying off of store shelves. Both products produced record-breaking sales numbers for Apple Inc.

Then I saw my bestfriend, a long-time Apple user, who was furious at how the iOS7 has “messed up her iPhone4.” She said the user interface looked kiddy and very similar to Android. She couldn’t figure out how to take a video on her iPhone, and sometimes she couldn’t even properly place calls or texts. At one point, she kept borrowing my Android phone to make plans with others.

Then I asked myself, is Apple really living up to Steve Jobs’ standard of giving the customer new ways to improve their life or are they more concerned with breaking record sales and keeping shareholders happy?

According to a Twitter user, “#iOS7 is the worst thing #apple ever did.” Some of the most recent complaints about the new operating system are the following:

1. Many users have been bothered about a nauseating experience similar to motion sickness with the iOS7. An unhappy user complained on Fox News that they, “Have headaches and nausea for [the] past three days…[I] can’t stand to look at my phone screen anymore while opening/closing apps. I just close my eyes or look away.” This might be caused by the “parallax” feature on the iOS7 that makes the background move back and forth in a subtle way.

2. To mature-minded individuals, the iOS7 also has a kiddy, overly-simple appearance and with no widgets, the screen is still very static. It has no stimulating movement unlike the icons found on Android and Windows phones.

3. iOS7 seems to have a lower battery life. One YouTube user said, “iOS7 is so bad it turns itself off.” Another rant on Twitter said, “ios7 update is f***ed!!!! My battery is being munched on faster than PAC man would.. #apple #sortitout.” At the very least, one way you might be able to fix this problem is to turn off the automatic upgrades of apps running in the background in the phone settings.

4. Some people find that there are many new hard-to-use features. The Control Center, AirDrop and iTunes Radio are fun additions, but you generally have to take some time to find your way around the new iOS7.

One small feature that users hate is the smaller space bar on the touch screen keyboard. They wind up repeatedly hitting the period key instead and that alone can cause aggravation. And the text on the new screens are also thinner and more airy-looking causing many people to squint even when they are simply looking at the time.

5. And, once you start using iOS7, you can’t go back. There is just no going around it. Apple apparently did have the option for users to go back to iOS6 for a short while, but now, the iOS7 is a done deal. If you have not yet upgraded (or some would say, “downgraded”) your iPhone’s OS, make sure you are 100% comfortable with the iOS7 or else you might be stuck with a phone you can’t stand using. The latest iOS7.0.2 has just been released. Let’s see how that one fares better than its predecessor.

Is Apple Inc. still following Steve Jobs’ vision of “sell dreams not products”or is the technology leader starting to fail under the loss of leadership of their most celebrated visionary?

I know personally, my best friend would love to get her good old iOS6 back on her iPhone and forget about the iOS7 upgrade altogether.



By: Chelo Aestrid


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