Jimmy Kimmel Twerk Girl on Fire Video Epic Win

Jimmy Kimmel Twerk Girl on Fire Video Epic Win

In case you missed it, A video went viral of a girl who was recording a sexy twerk session for her boyfriend. In it, she twerks upside down and when someone comes in the door, she is knocked over and sets herself on fire. When the video was posted on YouTube, it instantly went viral. But none of it was real. Jimmy Kimmel orchestrated the “twerk on fire video” and it classes as an epic win in terms of prank videos. We have the original 37 second video here.

This video was posted last week and it garnered over nine million views in that time. Despite the fact that the video was not publicized on the internet apart from being on YouTube, it became a media sensation.

New channels reported on the horrific “accident” of the upside-down twerking girl on fire. Miley Cyrus was even being blamed for the accident. The media was warning of the dangers of twerking and using this video as proof that the fad was dangerous.

But one week after the video was posted Jimmy Kimmel, creator and host of the ABC show Jimmy Kimmel Live admitted that the whole thing was a hoax. On his Monday night show, he referenced the video and set up a Skype call with the young lady who set herself on fire.

The young woman’s name was Caitlin Heller and Jimmy spent a few moments talking about the experience and why the video stopped so abruptly after 37 seconds. Kimmel then said that all would be explained as he walked to a curtained off area of the stage.

Passing through the curtain, he was suddenly beside Caitlin and they both explained that the video had been faked. The young woman’s name isn’t even Caitlin Heller.  Her real name is Daphne Avalon and she is a stuntwoman. She and Jimmy came clean on his show. Kimmel revealed that they had gotten lots of requests for interviews for the “Caitlin” and that they had answered none of them.

Kimmel also explained that Daphne had been sworn to secrecy although her family and friends recognised her in the video. She even had an old high school boyfriend send her a concerned message asking if she were okay.

The host then told how hundreds of news stations had shown the footage and featured the fake event on their news programs. He then presented a short montage of some of the stations who’d aired the story. Even Whoopi Goldberg on ABC’s The View was fooled by it. The whole media world thought that the twerking fail was real.

After the montage, Jimmy asks Daphne if she had fun doing the video. The stunt woman answered that she did have fun, to which, Kimmel replied: “Thank you for helping to rid the world of twerking.”

As Jimmy Kimmel said in his reveal: “For those of you who thought that the video was fake, you were right.” So the Twerk girl on fire video turned out to not be a twerking fail, but an epic win. You can see Jimmy’s reveal in the video below.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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