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Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Video Breaks Records Causes More Naked Controversy

Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Video Breaks Records Causes More Naked Controversy

Miley Cyrus’ latest music video has only been on Vevo for a day and it has broken the record as the “most-watched video” in 24 hours after getting posted. If you are interested, Wrecking Ball has garnered over 18 million views and rising. The video is also causing more “naked” controversy as more people express their outrage at her nudity in the video. We have it below for your viewing pleasure, or displeasure.

The 20 year-old singer and actress has been riding high on a wave of controversial publicity since her first music video We Can’t Stop was charged with being too suggestive and lewd. Miley did a lot of twerking in that video and she carried on twerking on the MTV Video Music Awards. Her live performance on that show caused an explosion of bad press and charges of bad taste were made.

While it looks like the only casualty incurred by her risque routine on the VMA was her Vogue December cover, she’s continued on her focussed drive to eliminate her Disney Hannah Montana past. She continues to push the boundaries of good taste and she has finally managed to go completely naked in a music video. Wrecking Ball continues to break Vevo records as it causes more controversy for the star.

On the Vevo website, the music video has a caution on it that states: Explicit Content. They should have added “parental discretion is advised.” Miley is shockingly naked in the video. It seems that she took a leaf from Mother Monster herself Lady Gaga where, in the area of clothing, less is more.

More views, that is. With Miley riding a huge wrecking ball in the altogether, you really cannot get “less” than that. She has a couple of areas scarcely covered, although at one point you can almost spot the hint of areola by her covering forearm.

Explicit indeed. But nudity sells, mommy monster could tell you that, and Miley knows it. To give her some credit, she has been slowly edging her way to total nudity for some time now. The actual video itself, directed by Terry Richardson, is a piece of art.

The allusions to a wrecked relationship and Miley’s apparent addiction to the destructive qualities of the doomed affair, as shown by her “licking” the sledge hammer, are powerful. This “arty” video knocked One Direction, who did hold the Vevo record, off the top spot for most views in a 24 hour time period with their Best Song Ever music video.

It will take a lot to knock Miley off the top spot as Vevo record breaker. There are not many artists out there willing to go “all the way” for their “art.” Miley is top of the heap at the moment because she has understood that to a certain audience sex, or in this case nudity, sells.

But the former Hannah Montana appreciates her fans and their devotion to her naked bod. She got onto Twitter to tweet her thanks to all those who helped her video break the viewing record. Not all of her fans were happy to see their idol stripping for the camera.

Miley Cyrus with her Wrecking Ball music video may have broken records on Vevo, but the naked controversy rages on. While a lot of groups, like parents, are appalled at her “lewd” behaviour, a lot of fans are also disgusted at the direction her career is going. But rest assured, none of this controversy is upsetting her. It is all money in the bank.

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By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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