Jimmy Kimmel’s Flaming Twerker Viral Video Hoax [Video]

Jimmy Kimmel’s Flaming Twerker Viral Video Hoax
Jimmy Kimmel’s Flaming Twerker Viral Video Hoax
Kimmel and Girl on Fire, Daphne Avalon

Jimmy Kimmel finally confessed that flaming twerking girl video that was posted on Youtube two months ago was a hoax.

Besides feeling violated as a viewer, there must have been mixed feelings when the 9 and a half million people who saw it realized the girl was actually okay, along with the inner voice that continues to laugh mercilessly at you, saying, “I can’t believe you fell for that one!”  No, wait… that would be Jimmy Kimmel, who admitted on his show that the entire video that was produced by him, was indeed a hoax.

Even hundreds of news stations got a hold of the video, calling it “the worst twerk fail ever,” many discussed how the poor girl, named Caitlin Heller, must be feeling and some apparently took to blaming Miley Cyrus for spreading her pornographic influence to impressionable young girls, according to CNN reports.

For those of you who perhaps have not seen it yet, it starts out with a perfectly decent-looking young woman, dressed in a bright pink tee shirt with black yoga pants, moving around in her living room.  There are some pretty candles on the glass coffee table and some music playing softly in the background.

The girl evidently has a video camera rolling as she has decided to make a little video for her boyfriend.  She gets up, moves towards her little boom box and turns the music up.  We hear the music playing is rap.  Okay…

She begins to bop up and down, turns to face the door to the living room, which is closed.  Then the girl starts to gyrate, as she turns back to smile at the camera.

The girl has now begun to twerk, while still facing the door.  But something seems to come over her and she decides that it might be a good idea if she stood on her hands and twerked upside down, in the most suggestive way.  I guess she thinks her boyfriend will like this.

Mid-twerk and still upside down, the girl is leaning her weight on the living room door, when it suddenly begins to open.  Someone from the other side of the door pushes it open even wider.  It is the girl’s roommate.

In forcing open the door, the roommate inadvertently pushes over the twerking girl, sending her crashing into the glass coffee table holding the candles and smashing it.

Suddenly, the girl’s yoga pants catch fire and she starts to scream, as her roommate freaks out and runs out of shot.

This is the video that approximately 9 million Youtube viewers have seen.

Back to Jimmy Kimmel, in the studio.  Kimmel now has the flaming twerker girl on a video call and he asks if she is okay.  She comes across as embarrassed by what everybody, including her friends and family have also witnessed.  She tells Jimmy how an ex-boyfriend even contacted her on Facebook to see if it was her who was in the video and if she was hurt.  The girl looks sheepish. The audience laughs.

Jimmy Kimmel walks over to a curtain and moves behind it.  We realize that the flaming girl from the Youtube video and video call is actually in the studio.

Jimmy decides to play the Director’s Cut of the video.  Cut to: The twerking girl catches fire and the roommate disappears off screen, enter Jimmy Kimmel, clad in an identical pink tee shirt as the girl.  Jimmy is holding a fire extinguisher.  He extinguishes the flames on the girl’s yoga pants and gives a big thumbs up to the camera.

You can view the video here:

The girl’s real name is Daphne Avalon and she is a stuntwoman.

Kimmel admitted to putting the video up quietly, without any publicity, because he wanted it to speak for itself and to simply let it do what these types of videos do – go viral.  Kimmel went on to show just some of the many programs that had aired and discussed with some concern, the flaming twerker video.

What was even more ridiculous, was when a girl came on Youtube  to comment on the video, singing Alicia Keys’ This Girl is on Fire, then promptly showed viewers videos on how to twerk responsibly.  There are countless other hilarious related responses to “Caitlin’s” fiery inferno incident.

Well, Jimmy Kimmel’s flaming twerker girl video hoax certainly worked and it fooled millions of people.  It just goes to show that you cannot believe everything you see.

But more to the point, besides relishing in deceiving the world, Kimmel said that he hoped that this video would stop twerking forever.  You are not alone, Mr Kimmel.

What is the best hoax you have ever seen?

Written by: Brucella Newman