John Kerry Skittish of U.S. Ground Troops in Syria [Video]

John Kerry

Secretary of State John Kerry appeared skittish in answering questions posed by senators of rather U.S. ground troop intervention is needed in Syria’s civil war. Initially Kerry strongly supported troop deployment in Syria but later softened on his stance. The basis for his initial support of deployment was the possibility of chemical weapons falling into the possession of terrorist.

“I don’t want to take off the table an option that might or might not be available to a president of the United States to secure our country,” he said. Kerry was questioned by Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The committee’s assessment of the Syria problem would determine if the U.S. should enter the war.

Menendez’s line of questioning caused Kerry to backtrack on his previous comments of American intervention. “Well, assuming in going to protect those weapons, whether or not they had to answer a shot in order to be secure, I don’t want to speak to that,” he said. Menendez had posed the question of the relevance of a ground troop invasion in the region.

John Kerry appeared skittish of the question of U.S. ground troops in Syria because he literally stumbled in his responses. “I’m absolutely confident, Mr. Chairman, that it is easy, not that complicated, to work out language that will satisfy the Congress and the American people that there’s no door open here through which someone can march in ways that the Congress doesn’t want it to while still protecting the national security interests of the country,” Kerry stated.

Critics charge that Kerry is known for flip flopping on issues and make the claim that a chemical weapons claim is a deception to enter the war. Kerry’s growing unclear impressions regarding troop deployment in the region did little to influence members on the panel.

Publicly President Obama has made statements saying troops would not be deployed in the Syrian civil war conflict. “We’re not considering any boots-on-the-ground approach,” he said in an interview to reporters. Many American when polled about the issue are of the opinion that if America intervenes its role will be more protracted as what’s posed.

“If Assad is foolish enough to respond to the world’s enforcement against his criminal activity, if he does, he will invite something far worse and I believe something absolutely unsustainable for him,” Kerry said. “Now, that doesn’t mean the United States of America is going to war.”

Kerry later clarified his statement saying the issue does not support a troops on the ground initiative for resolution of the problem. Kerry’s flip flopping was apparent by observers and his skittish impressions are indicative that a U.S. ground troop invasion of Syria will cause major upheavals in political circles worldwide.

By Thomas Barr

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  1. john2397   September 4, 2013 at 11:41 am

    Really speaking the Syrian regime change fiasco has so far created more than 2 million refugees in neighboring countries and more than 4 million displaced citizen in Syria. The condition of the refugees are deplorable, live in almost beggar status in poor states like Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey without any self esteem and respect. After a period, the new crop of these refugees will easily become the breeding ground for extremist like several Palestinian factions and Al-QAEDA too. Many of them are there for more than one year and the end of their sufferings is not near. Looks like, they will stay there for ever like 3 million Palestinians spread around and live like sub humans in ghetto settlements. They live on U.N. ‘s bread and selling their own flash with no morality and shame. If OBAMA and Hillary were aware of this scenario; why they have not made any arrangements to provide these unfortunate proper shelters, food, jobs and above all human values? Why they did not force Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other oil kings to take care of these refugees in their countries and take care until they go back? Why Obama and the West is not opening their doors for these created refugees but throw few meatless bones and continue their wars and dream for regime change game everywhere they dream? Why U. N. Human rights Commission is not making these war mongers responsible for the sufferings of these human beings? Hope, Congress and Senate will hear the plights of these unfortunates and bear full responsibilities before they allow more fierce war and create millions more refugees. It is too bad rather than awarding WAR MONGER MEDAL, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee has awarded Nobel Peace Prize to this undeserving President.


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