Kaley Cuoco: UPDATE

Kaley Cuoco: Fit or Fat?

Kaley Cuoco, the little blond cutie from California, rose to national rankings as a child and has keep the public spinning with delight ever since.  She recently became engaged to Ryan Sweeting.  Ryan, age 26, was born in the Bahamas and is an American professional tennis player.   Kaley, was an amateur tennis player as a child and young adult, so the two shall surely make a great set.   She has already added many awards to her acting career, starring in her first film at age 7.  As spokeswoman for Priceline.com and a star of the hit TV show “The Big Bang Theory”, has dated Ryan just a few months.  Her vibrant, refreshing nature is one that attracts her fans and now her future husband, as her shining smile is as bright as a Penny from Heaven.

Kaley rose to fame with her role as Bridget Hennessy on ABC’s “8 Simple Rules”, which aired from 2002-2005, playing the daughter of the late John Ritter.  She earned a Teen Choice Award for her efforts and continued to succeed in many more made for TV movies as well as a brief role on “Charmed”.   Her evolution as an actress has been a welcome change of pace, free from scandal and drama.  In 2007, Kaley portrayed the character Alyson Schmidt in the TV movie “To Be Fat Like Me.”  She wore glasses and donned a fat suit to illustrate the life an obese teenager who struggled to do well despite her big size and awkwardness.  Her character abhorred her mother’s choices of fatty foods and weighed in on the issues of image, size and personality.  The role may well have been insight for the actress to stay fit in the coming years.  It was a cumbersome journey to get into make-up and walk around with extra layers, but Kaley rose to the occasion and did her job as a story teller.  Her message through the film surely changed many lives, and reaffirmed her own goals.  Her insights from the experience may well have kept her on the path of a healthy lifestyle.

Kaley is choosey when it comes to food and fame.  She plans her path of orbit that includes a balance of life, love and luxury.   She has been an inspiration for fans as she stays focused and grounded beyond the hoopla of Hollywood.  Her perspective is out of this world as she enjoys her work and works to entertain.  Kaley is also a picky eater, opting for oatmeal over other sweet treats.  Her disciplined schedule includes horse back riding and spinning classes several days a week.  Her fat may only come from the size of her wallet and achievements she has earned.  Her horse, Falcon, follows her lead and munches on oats, as their time together is loved and fits into her busy schedule.

Kaley is soaring beyond space and time with her credits but still manages to find time for family and friends.  Her younger sister Briana, a dancer, is the star’s latest endorsement as Briana auditions on “The Voice”.  Briana showed her own talents along with Kaley when the two of them planned a flash mob dance on the set of “The Big Bang Theory” a while back.  They danced to Carly Rae Jepson’s Call Me Maybe and wowed the audience with the surprise.

Kaley is sure to hold her own as a versatile actress.  She has more commercials in the works for the Super Bowl and continues to stay fit.  Her star power goes beyond the usual trek as she soars with confidence and candidness.  She is fit in more ways than one as she continues her role on “The Big Bang Theory”.  She is famous but not fat-headed.   Kaley Cuoco will surely find her star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame someday and go on to star in an ongoing role as the lovely Mrs. Sweeting.  No wedding date has yet been set.  As her projects will wow us with spin, with awards she will fittingly win, she’ll go on to more fame as she plays the right game and say thanks with that pretty fat grin!

Written by: Roanne H. FitzGibbon


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  1. John Smith   May 9, 2014 at 5:38 pm

    She looks amazing in this picture


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