Kate Middleton: Is Mom the New JR?

Kate Middleton: Is Mom the New JR?

Kate Middleton: Is Mom the New JR?

A new book has just been published by Royal Editor for The Mail on Sunday, Katie Nicholl.  In the book, entitled Kate: The Future Queen, Nicholl writes about how Kate Middleton’s mother Carole orchestrated the Royal engagement, that Kate had engineered her meetings with her current husband since her school days and how former flight attendant Carole Middleton, in addition to her new Southfork-style Bucklebury Manor home in Berkshire, is now happily ensconced in the “Granny Flat” at Kensington Palace.  Is this all starting to sound a bit like a soap opera?   Surely a young teenage girl could not have been the sole operator here, which pleads the question about Kate Middleton: Is Mom the New JR?

Kate Middleton: Is Mom the New JR?
Middleton home, Bucklebury Manor
Kate Middleton: Is Mom the New JR?
Dallas Southfork

It is currently an era of revelations.  Deep revelations.  Shocking revelations.  And it doesn’t matter who the subject is, things that are done in a clandestine manner will eventually come to light.  Even though this information was well documented, on the tips of people’s lips, there are a lot of people who thought about it but didn’t want to be the one to say.  But it now seems that you can’t get any more official than putting it in a book.

Diana, Princess of Wales was always The People’s Princess.  There will never be another like her.  She possessed a special beauty that emanates from within.  It is very rare.  The people loved her and still do.  Her only problem was her stubbornness.  She couldn’t see that the family she had married into required her to fit in and tow the line.  But if she hadn’t broken away from that and carved out her own niche, her own style, pushed boundaries, touched people’s hearts, how would she then be seen?  And when she gave birth to Prince William, he too, was always popular and still is.  Why?  Because every time we look at him, he still reminds us of Diana.

However, there are some things that have not yet been asked and so ask them I must.  If Princess Diana were still around today, would she have given her blessing for her first-born William to marry Kate Middleton?  Could you see Princess Diana warming to Carole Middleton despite what she is reported to be – a “meddling” and “ferocious social climber”?  And would Carole and Michael Middleton ever have access to a “Granny Flat” in Kensington Palace?  The answer to all three questions would be absolutely not.

Kate Middleton: Is Mom the New JR?
Kate and mother Carole

A report from the Daily Mail stated that Kate Middleton’s mother Carole was getting “jittery” about the fact that despite her daughter and Prince William’s on-off relationship for several years, there was still no ring on Kate’s finger.  A family friend told the newspaper that Carole took Prince William aside and pressured him into revealing his true intentions with her daughter.  William, with no mother of his own for support and guidance, had then guaranteed Carole Middleton that there would be a ring, a wedding and that they would have children.  He also promised Kate’s mother that she would be involved in the raising of their baby.  The birth of Prince George made Carole Middleton the most prominent grandmother in the country, a role that should have belonged to Princess Diana.

Kate Middleton: Is Mom the New JR?
Kate and Prince George (L); Grandmother Carole (R)

To gain an understanding of this factual fiction, or shall we say, “factional” situation, we would need to go further back in the story’s timeline, starting with the Middleton family history.  Kate’s mother, Carole Middleton comes from very humble beginnings, with a maternal lineage of women who were dead set on climbing the social ladder.  If it were a screenplay, the Middleton family’s rise from poverty to affluence would read like a storyline from Dallas.  And Kate Middleton’s mom would be cast as the equivalent to JR.

While Kate Middleton’s great-great-great-great-grandfather, James Harrison arrived in a northern town and landed a dangerous, life-threatening position as a coal miner, Prince William’s great-great-great-great-great uncle, King George IV was spending today’s equivalent of $6,198,000 a year on wine and women and was apparently so huge that he could hardly stand up.  James went on to have a son, John, who followed in his father’s footsteps and heads down the mine.  John then had a son, also named John, who mirrored his father and grandfather’s pathway, becoming a miner as well.  Without the welfare systems available then, everyone feared falling ill or having an accident.

By 1918, Thomas Harrison, Kate’s great-grandfather, broke the mold, by being refused by his wife to go down the mine and was encouraged to become a carpenter, for a better life, instead.  At the command of his wife Elizabeth, also known as “Lily” or ironically, “The Duchess”, they eventually left the industrial North and moved south to the suburbs of west London.

Kate Middleton: Is Mom the New JR?
Marriage of Dorothy Harrison and Ronald Goldsmith, 1953

In 1935, Thomas and Elizabeth Harrison had a baby girl, named Dorothy, Kate’s maternal grandmother.  By the time Kate’s grandmother grew up and married Ron Goldsmith, Prince William’s grandmother was being crowned Queen Elizabeth II of England.

By the 1970s, Dorothy and Ron Goldsmith’s daughter, Carole had now grown up and was working as a flight attendant with British Airways.  She met Michael Middleton, who worked with the same airline in dispatch.  They got married in 1980.  In 1987 they set up a family business together, Party Pieces, a party planning company.

Kate, her brother James and sister Philippa grew up with a privileged background.  But Carole Middleton did not stop there.  After taking her daughter Kate out of Downe House boarding School, where she was being bullied for being a daygirl, she put her instead into Marlborough College.

It was also documented that Kate Middleton had a poster of Prince William on her dormitory wall.  She had later denied it, saying that it was actually a male model from a Levi Strauss Jeans advertisement.  But I have heard from a source that went to school with Kate at Marlborough.  She tells me that it was, indeed, a poster of Prince William.

According to Katie Nicholl’s book and The Daily Mail, Kate Middleton’s career advisor at Marlborough College, Jasper Selwyn and her house tutor, Joan Gall, confirmed that Kate’s first choice of University was Edinburgh and not St Andrews, which was William’s first choice.  The book also reveals how two years before, whilst still at Marlborough College, Kate’s friend Emilia d’Erlanger, introduced her to royal circles and the “Glosse Posse,” a group of socialites that met regularly at Highgrove in Gloucestershire.  There in the summer of 1999, in the “den” at the Royal country estate, Kate first met Prince William.

Kate Middleton: Is Mom the New JR?
Kate Middleton (R), with colleagues from Marlborough College

By the end of Kate’s schooling at Marlborough, she had done well with her A’ Levels and was offered a place at Edinburgh University, one of the top institutions in Britain.  But she decided to take a gap year before University.  Is it a coincidence that Kate happened to choose the exact same location in northern Patagonia, Chile (of all remote places), to do charity work as Prince William did during his gap year?  Surely not.  According to the Daily Mail, Kate just missed him by two weeks.  While there, Kate had also spent time with Malcolm Sutherland, the very same instructor on the charity program as William.  Curiously enough, Sutherland has also said Kate never showed any interest when others were gushing excitedly about the fact that William had been there just a fortnight before.

Kate took a really big gamble by turning her offered place at Edinburgh down, choosing instead the University of St. Andrew’s.  She could have been turned down.   But she did it only after it had been made public that Prince William was to go there.  Kate enrolled for the same course as William, History of Art.

Once both were at St Andrews, it seemed for Kate that everything was going to plan.  They even connected and became good friends.  But everything Kate had been working for suddenly turned into a nightmare when after the first semester, William became unhappy with his choice of course and decided to quit.  Kate did her utmost to convince William to stay.  William and his father Prince Charles had a chat about it and Prince Charles gave William his blessing to change to a different course, Geography.  William was happy and decided to stay on at St Andrew’s.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Kate Middleton: Is Mom the New JR?

But in 2007, according to a Daily Mail report on Nicholl’s book, William got cold feet and decided to call their relationship quits.  He was only 24 years of age and feeling the pressure to commit.  Reports say that he was just starting to enjoy the benefits, for want of a better word, and the freedom away from relationship ties that came with the Army experience.  Kate panicked.  She rushed home to her parents.  It looked like she had lost her chance.  But it was Carole who reassured her daughter Kate that the split would not be a permanent one.  The next thing we knew, Kate was back in London and pictures of her were everywhere: Kate going to parties and clubs; Kate emerging from night clubs with different men, looking happy; Kate looking like she had moved on.  William did not like it.  Or rather his ego did not.

Once they did get back together, the Queen was reported to have quietly taken William and Kate aside and suggested that Kate get involved in some charity work.  This would begin to put Kate Middleton in the right position as an advocate of charities, making her appear more favorable and suitable for future Royal duties and ultimately, as future Queen.  What the Queen could probably see were echoes of something similar that had happened with herself many years before, when her second cousin, Lord Mountbatten, also known as the Passionate Plotter, and uncle to the then Phillip of Greece, had instigated an introduction between Prince Phillip and Princess Elizabeth, with her younger sister, Princess Margaret in tow.  The princesses’ mother and father, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth were not happy about the fact that Princess Elizabeth had taken such a liking to Prince Phillip, and as they did not trust Mountbatten’s motives, they tried everything they could to steer her towards other suitors of their choice.  But much to their chagrin, Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip eventually announced their engagement and were to be married.

Kate Middleton: Is Mom the New JR?

So the “meetings,” gap year, choice of University and Royal Wedding were not orchestrated by Kate alone.  Kate is and always has been close with her mother, Carole.  Notice how Kate is often reported to make frequent visits to her family home in Berkshire when things go wobbly and she needs her mother’s guidance and direction.  The Middleton’s are known to be a very close-knit family.  Every move that Kate made toward William was calculated and instigated, according to all kinds of suggestion, by her mother.  A mother, like her maternal ancestors, so ambitious for social betterment that she would stop at nothing, like JR Ewing, to coach, coerce and convince Kate to do everything in her power to become the future Queen and so that Carole Middleton could become grandmother to the boy who would be King.


Written by: Brucella Newman


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