Kate Middleton Plays Love Games

Why Kate is against Prince Harry marrying Cressida Bonas

Kate Middleton Plays Love Games
Cressida Bonas (L); Duchess of Cambridge (R)

Oh dear.  It seems that yet more has been reported on the House of Middleton-House of Windsor saga.  This time it is Duchess Kate in the ‘middleton’ of a power play, meddling in love affairs that should not concern her.  She is now apparently set against the idea of a Royal wedding between her brother-in-law, Prince Harry and the love of his life, Cressida ‘Cressie’ Bonas, according to reports from the Daily Telegraph.

Now why on earth would she think that, I hear you ask?  Let us examine the history.  Cressida Bonas is the half sister of Isabella Calthorpe.  Isabella, known to her friends as ‘Bella,’ was the reason that Kate and William broke up in 2007, when Wills reportedly had a ‘thing’ for her.  Kate had told Prince William that it’s either Isabella or her.  The prince chose Bella, to Kate’s chagrin, but also eventually, to William’s dismay, as his love for Isabella went unrequited.

Kate Middleton Plays Love Games
Cressida Bonas, close with half sister Isabella Calthorpe
Prince Harry and his love, Cressida
Prince Harry and his love, Cressida

Again, why would the Duchess of Cambridge be so concerned even if Prince Harry were to marry Cressida?  It turns out that Cressie and Bella are extremely close.  Friends have said that where one is, so usually, is the other.  They have also confirmed that Kate does not like Bella because Prince William did love her and that this did cause Kate and William’s break-up.

Isabella’s friends told the Daily Telegraph that Kate’s treatment of Bella at Kate and William’s wedding will not be forgotten.  Isabella, who earlier this year married Richard Branson’s son, Sam Branson, was invited to the wedding ceremony, but she was deliberately left off the invitation list to the 2 receptions that followed.  Film director Guy Ritchie was reportedly the one who ended up driving Bella home after the ceremony.

Kate Middleton Plays Love Games
Wedding of Isabella Calthorpe to Sam Branson

Underneath it all, Kate has been too calculating and controlling, not unlike her mother. She is trying to influence and control things for her own ends, without any concern for her brother-in-law’s own feelings.  For Kate, if the marriage were to take place, there is no telling how many times Prince William and Bella Branson would be brought together on family occasions as, think about it, not only could her sister Cressida be married to the fourth in line to the throne as well as both girls becoming the Duchess of Cambridge’s sisters-in-law, but as a member of the immediate Royal family, Bella could be mixing with Prince William at family gatherings such as Christmas at Balmoral Castle, as well as other Royal functions and social events.

Well, no wonder Carole Middleton ensured she was well ensconced in the ‘Granny Flat,’ that I reported about in a previous article, Kate Middleton: Is Mom the New JR?  Naturally, Kate would not want a new ‘Bellagate’ scandal – a repeat performance of ‘Camillagate’ – with a love triangle between William’s parents, Princess Diana and Prince Charles and Charles’ exposed affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles, when there were, as Princess Diana famously put it, “three of us in this marriage.”

My previous article suggests that the entire meeting, engagement and Royal wedding between Kate and William was steered by back seat driver and mother of Kate, Carole Middleton, in an uncanny resemblance to a storyline and plot by JR from Dallas.  Interestingly, William’s unrequited love on then actress Bella’s part, was the point at which William decided to go back to Kate and also close to the point where Carole Middleton appeared to have collared William into their little summit over his and Kate’s future, that resulted in the Royal wedding and, lest we forget, Carole Middleton becoming the most famous grandmother in the country.  What is instigated and manipulated in this way can surely not bring good karma to the creators of such a situation.

Kate Middleton Plays Love Games

Because Kate Middleton chose to play love games with hers and other people’s lives, the karma that befalls her is that she will now forever find herself watching her son George with one eye, while she watches her husband like a hawk with the other.  Where Kate and Carole and the House of Middleton have worked so hard to secure the marriage and themselves into the House of Windsor, they might find that they will now have to work even harder to maintain it and do all they can to deter any scandal or embarrassment  in another instalment of Dallas – I mean Bellagate.


Written by: Brucella Newman


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9 Responses to "Kate Middleton Plays Love Games"

  1. Truesilk   December 6, 2013 at 9:22 pm

    As the stomach turns

  2. royalsareajoke   November 30, 2013 at 11:33 am

    And those of us who have no use whatsoever for waity are jealous…this whole article reeks of insecurity and jealousy….Cressida is beautiful…she is a lady…no picture that I have seen of her drunk, flashing her crotch, showing her ‘boobies’, and I am convinced that this is at least part of the reason why waity wants to run back to her cottage…how does this ‘trashy and conniving albeit cleaned up’ female have the gall to say anything about who does what in the firm….oh, wait….waity thinks she is God’s gift to the ‘royals’ and the world…self obsessed at the very least and narcissistic to the core at worst…waity considered herself to be above the peasants from the time she was called Wills girlfriend and now that she has (think default) become his prop she isn’t about to allow any competition….not if she can help it….this is getting good….waity has been put in her place by the queen (curtsy…ridiculous but whatever lets waity know that she isn’t a bag of chips and all that is great)…I think this is going to become very interesting, very soon, and as much as I consider the ‘royals’ to be a joke I hope that Harry (who truly LOVES Cressy) doesn’t let this jealous and insecure significant in her own eyes only let anything stand in his way if she wants to marry him….the last ‘royal’ wedding was a joke as was the christening of that adorable little dude….both events designed to be high profile and deliberate slams at people who are a threat to waity….people who are secure in themselves and in the love of their mates DO NOT DO THIS!!!! Wills is very likely wishing that he had stayed unmarried but now he’s stuck with (I should have Saran Wrap that clings like) waity…Harry and Cressida PLEASE don’t let her ruin what you have…

  3. Gertrud   November 4, 2013 at 11:56 am

    The Royal Monarchy is just a joke, they should go away, so the people would not have to pay so much tax and can buy healthy food. It is worse than Politic in the USA. Throw the Monarchy out and make decent people out of all. I do not care fo any, I know, it want last, you can see in Williams eyes, it is not the love of his life. Like Diana was not for Charles, but remember, what goes around comes around, know Charles and Horseface are unhappy also.

  4. chalni Rojth   September 13, 2013 at 11:40 pm

    I also think same your idea about Kate ‘s family was’t do good Kramma… I ‘m Buddhist and my master Buddhist teached us …Doing good…Thinking good ….and Minds Good….
    That ‘s factors of Metta ( Loving Kindness)…Kate would to learn to be a good mum and wife more than she worried to anything happen in the future of her status…or Isabella Calthrope…she really beautiful and don’t care of Prince William was obsessed..because Isabella didn’t want to be a Princess … and Harry loves Cressida…cause she really pretty and smart…and only love by her soul, she didn’t need to be a Princess…

  5. Bella   September 10, 2013 at 2:20 pm

    A load of tosh

  6. Mme Certain Me   September 10, 2013 at 1:11 am

    Interesting that the threesome could be similar to his parents and Camilla. After all Bella was the…the one the prince loves. Now the next desirable “tampon” …..etc….

  7. Laguna Beach UnderwearCo   September 10, 2013 at 1:05 am

    Well I think the surrogacy articles are being restricted from posting comments. Hmmmm

  8. Kim Perreault   September 9, 2013 at 6:50 pm

    A little gossip feeds a wildfire. So sad to waste good talent writing such mush.

  9. Romilly   September 9, 2013 at 12:47 pm

    I think that she should be more concerned with the surrogacy information which is now flooding the US and other countries due to it being gagged here.

    This is just one example



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