Katy Perry Music Video for Roar Shows Why Its Number One (Video)

Katy Perry Music Video for Roar Shows Why Its Number One

Katy Perry’s music video for her song Roar  was released today and you can see it here. Just watch it and you will agree with us that it shows why the song is number one on The Billboard Chart of the Hot 100! You can watch the video at the end of this article. We loved it so much it made us Roar.

The release of her new video coincided with the song knocking Robin Thicke off the number one spot with his song Blurred Lines. Thicke held the top slot for 12 weeks and it looked pretty certain to stay there after being voted the Best Summer Song by Billboard.

Katy’s Roar gave her a career “best” by being getting downloaded a whopping 557,000 times. The sales figures are impressive and also counted as the highest digital downloads for a song in its debut week  this year. This week, the song “roared” past  one million downloads after hitting 392,000 in the second week of sales and then garnering another 4448,000 this week to reach the million sales bar.

But enough of sales figures! We want to talk music video here.

Katy Perry’s music video for her number one song Roar is impressive and it gives us the chance to see her as a very fetching jungle heroine. It also shows why the song is number one. Very few empowering songs and videos can be so catchy.

The music video of Roar premiered this afternoon and we see Katy stranded in the jungle. After the video begins with a comic book type 2-D opening we see her and a very temporary adventurer-type male start off from the relative safety of the crashed plane. Before you can say “roar” the chap is eaten by a lion and Ms Perry, looking properly terrified, runs off.

She befriends a monkey, who turns out to be much more helpful than the lion’s dinner was and she starts making the transition to go native. The 28 year-old singer shows a lot of humor in the video and after her comic beginning, she gets down to the serious business of adapting to her environment and then changing it to suit her.

The monkey gives her hunting tips for banana’s. An elephant, with shades of the Flintstones, stands in as her personal shower and the monkey also helps her to “trap” the lion. Once trapped, Katy out-roars it and she becomes the ruler of her jungle set.

The whole video is as uplifting as the song itself. While singing of self empowerment, she shows it as well through the actions in the video. The deft comic touches are there. Painting the elephants toe-nails, the same pachyderm teasingly flapping her towel in the air after she showers. And the ending follows the same tone.

Ms Perry looks stunning whether in her strategically wrecked dress at the beginning or in her “jungle-girl” outfit later on. The colors in the video are dazzling. Even the parrot feathers used to adorn her costume and, later, used to trap the lion are blindingly red.

The Roar music video, which is advertised as being shot in “Junglescope” is the perfect accompaniment to her uplifting number one song. Besides being entertaining and showing off that Perry beauty off to great effect, it helps to show why the song is number one. Watch the video below and see if you don’t agree.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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