Kenya – A Country Broken


No one knows the exact number buried beneath the rubble and remnants in Nairobi’s once populated shopping mall. A four day terrorist siege has left Kenya in a state of confusion and escalating fear as minute by minute, more bodies are discovered. While onlookers, volunteers, friends and family members frantically search for answers, they search, too, for human life and human remains. In an obvious state of despair and agony, it seems Kenya is a country, broken.

The numbers of the deceased have changed many times over the past 24 hours, making it difficult to find an accurate toll, though it seems to currently lie somewhere between 67 and 72. As officials hurry to find any remaining life, forensic specialists have the daunting task of fingerprinting and DNA ballistics. The United States has offered help, technically, to the Kenyan government in hopes of helping to speed up this heartbreaking task, but no matter when the results come in, the devastation has already occurred, and this country has been shaken to its core.

As many wait in pain to hear news of life found or life lost, there seems to be a growing need for any news, no matter how accurate, and no matter how distorted. With so many resources available, and so many news stations broadcasting what they “know” as truth, none of the impetuous answers seems real. The fact is, too many people died at the hands of a terrorist group, and until the rocks and dust have cleared, many, if not all questions will be answered hastily at best. In times like this, where senseless acts rip out the souls of humans, leaving them broken, it is in the best interest of all who are affected find a sense of peace; a sense of gratitude. To rest beneath the rubble of a shopping mall in any city in this world, is to be without what we each have, which is the right to life.


Written by: Amy Magness Whatley

Beneath the Rubble

US help


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