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Liam Hemsworth Dating “Heartbroken” Eiza González?

Liam Hemsworth dating Eiza Gonzalez
Liam Hemsworth is alleged to be dating Eiza González, after the pair have been sighted together on numerous occasions 

With Liam Hemsworth recently reported to be splitting from his longstanding girlfriend, Miley Cyrus, it seems the Hunger Games Star has elected not to haul himself off to a darkened room to shed a tear over the little relationship that could have been. On the contrary, Hemsworth (aged 23) is already back in the proverbial saddle, pursuing Eiza González.

Who is Eiza González?

Born Jan. 30, 1990, González is a beautiful Mexican actress and singer, and is the daughter of ex-model Glenda Reyna. The young woman attended Edron Academy and the American School Foundation in Mexico City, before enrolling at a local acting school. Two thirds of the way through her course, González landed an acting job as Lola in Lola…Érase una vez.

Recently, the young woman starred in the Mexican soap opera Amor en custodia, a part which represented the actress’ transition to a more mature role. This, alongside her appearance in a number of movies, has resulted in the star catapulting to fame in her native Mexico.

González also launched a music career in 2009, releasing her debut album Contracorriente, after being signed up to EMI Televisa. This was shortly followed by her second album Te Acordarás de Mi, released midway through 2012.

What happens in Vegas… rarely stays in Vegas

Liam Hemsworth was seen in high spirits, prior to attending a pre-fight party for Floyd Mayweather’s fight in Las Vegas. Reportedly, Eiza also arrived in Vegas around the same period, with a group of her buddies; on Sunday she posted a photograph of herself on Twitter, clad in a skimpy bikini, with a close friend.

Eiza was seen partying with Hemsworth in Sin City over this past weekend, following Liam’s official split from Miley. The two stars appeared very much close to one another, staying up until 2 a.m. to talk and flirt. Fellow party-goers claim the pair to have been inseparable, as they decided to move their tête-à-tête to a private VIP room near the pool.

Following the Vegas trip, Liam and Eiza were then snapped in Los Angeles, leaving a residential home. The pair jumped into a black Cadillac and sped off.

Liam was then later seen having dinner with his mother Leonie, in Marmont, West Hollywood, dressed in the same attire; perhaps he was breaking the news of his relationship?

Moving on

According to RumorFix, one of Eiza’s close friends reported that the Mexican actress was “heartbroken” before hooking up with Hemsworth. Eiza’s pal claimed that it was “… great that she’s moving on and found someone who cares about her.”

Eiza had recently split from her Mexican boyfriend, Pepe Diaz, a businessman who was accused of cheating. Diaz had also encountered legal issues, after being charged with tax evasion.

Miley Cyrus at the VMA music awards
Miley Cyrus was reported to have shocked Liam Hemsworth, with her unorthodox VMA performance

The beautiful Latino woman recently left a somewhat cryptic message on Twitter, seemingly musing over her lust for another a man who was dating  another. It’s difficult to know whether Eiza was referencing her newfound relationship with Hemsworth, or maudlin over her own turbulent love life.

Meanwhile, Hemsworth was reported to have been left “mortified” by Miley Cyrus’ half-naked twerk-a-thon, which was unleashed unto an unsuspecting public during her provocative Video Music Awards performance. Many speculate that this was the catalyst that led to the couple’s engagement being called off. However, the Daily Mail suggests the couple’s relationship had hit the rocks long before this point, despite having been engaged for only a year.

Eiza González may have ended up heartbroken after her latest stretch with cheating ex, Pepe Diaz, but maybe she will be luckier in love with Liam Hemsworth. One can only hope that Eiza shies away from the crass, headline-grabbing antics that some people in the music industry feel the need to exploit.

By: James Fenner

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