Liam Hemsworth Sets Record for Moving on from Miley Cyrus

Liam Hemsworth sets record for moving on.

The news that Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus were having problems with their relationship before the MTV VMA show really comes as no surprise. Especially when you see just how quickly Hemsworth has gotten over Miley. He sets a record for fastest recovery time ever as he is moving on from that relationship at warp speed.

It is obvious that the Hunger Games star was ready to jettison Miley after it was reported that he had started packing his bags and moving out before Cyrus had even put one twerking foot on the MTV stage. Then it was reported that Liam was stepping out with the beautiful, and long-haired, Mexican actress and rising star Eiza Gonzalez.

Then, the 23 year-old former Cyrus fiance was caught in a steamy kissing session with Eiza after she had apparently spent the night at his place. On top of all that steaminess, both Liam and his new 23 year-old flame followed Miley’s lead and unfollowed her on Twitter.

Now, Hemsworth is on his way to Atlanta, Georgia according to E! News. it seems that in less than 72 hours after the “official” breakup of the Miley Cyrus Liam Hemsworth split, Liam has set the record for “moving on” after his breakup with Cyrus.

One can almost see Hemsworth consulting his checklist:

1. Move out of the house. Check.
2. Get new girlfriend. Check.
3. Make out with new girlfriend. Check.
4. Head back to work after kissing new girlfriend goodbye. Double check.

We’ve been told that was one heck of a goodbye kiss, hence the double check.

But Eiza won’t be waiting in Las Vegas while Liam works on the next installment of The Hunger Games. She is jetting off to Mexico for a scheduled appearance. Duty calls both of the young professionals back to the real world of work.

If you look at the new couple’s Twitter accounts, it is plain to see that Liam has been way too busy to tweet. His last one was way back on September 14. Eiza, on the other hand, has been multitasking and keeping up to date:

Eiza's tweets!

Liam’s been so busy getting over Miley, and the loss of the very expensive engagement ring, that he has not had time to tweet! He will be starting work on Mockingjay, both parts, which E! News reports is starting filming on a set in a deserted mill in Spalding County located in the greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

Fans of The Hunger Games film franchise will be excited to hear that work has started on the next installment. Hemsworth will be happy to get back to work, but it is almost guaranteed that he will be missing his new girl. Miley will be too busy to miss her former fiance very much as she is still working flat out to promote her latest single. Not to mention dealing with all that publicity that the MTV VMA gave her.

But Eiza is apparently taking this new romance in her stride as evidenced by her activity on Twitter!

But we take out hats off to Liam Hemsworth, who sets the world record for fastest “moving on” from a failed relationship. His rapid departure from Miley Cyrus after their four year relationship, seems to point to the fact that he had known for quite some time that it was not working for the two of them. We hope that he and his new romantic interest, Eiza Gonzalez, work out better than he and Miley did.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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