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Liam Hemsworth and Eiza Gonzalez Unfollow Miley

New hot couple alert!

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Miley Cyrus made headlines for unfollowing former fiance Liam Hemsworth. It seems the young hunk has moved onto greener pastures and connected with Eiza Gonzalez. Miley may had been worried about hitting Twitter, but the two lovebirds seemed to unfollow Miley in their own way. Hemsworth was spotting accompanying the exotic Latina beauty to her Beverly Hills apartment. The couple stopped and embraced, their lips locking for an intimate kiss.

E! news caught sight of the new couple on the block, a mere day after Miley unfollowed her sweetheart of four years. In hindsight, Hemsworth did extend the olive branch and told Miley to keep the engagement ring, reports a friend close to the The Hunger Games star. Curiosity marred the minds of envious girls as they pondered about the beauty in Hemsworth not-so-empty arms.

All About Eiza Gonzalez 

Gonzalez is nothing short of gorgeous. Her mother is the beautiful Glenda Reyna, the former hostess of  Mexico’s Next Top Model. In a streak of irony, Gonzalez was the 2010 star of the Nickelodeon Latin American show called Roxy Pop. Where is the irony? Gonzalez played a young woman named Clara Molina who was also a singer called Roxy Pop. Interesting! Prior to lip locking with Hemsworth and unfollowing interest in Miley, Gonzalez created a few eyebrow raises from her own antics.

The songstress was in a music video called  Te Acordarás De Mi (Remember Me). She and her pug puppy both stuck out their tongues at the same time. Is Hemsworth reading from a script when he’s looking for a girl? The Mexican beauty has also starred on the Mexican version of Gossip Girl. The rising starlet has not twerked an R&B sensation or rode a wrecking ball and hopefully she’ll remain that way.

Although, in an odd twist of news, it was Gonzalez who posed with a friend last month wearing panda heads and doing what else? Offering a silly twerk, with a captioning calling it Miley Cyrus Style!

The new lovebirds were spotted a couple of days ago at a party, together
The new lovebirds were spotted a couple of days ago at a party, together

What Will Miley Do?

There has been no word from the Miley camp about the latest developments from her day old former fiance. Then again the relationship between Miley and Hemsworth was nothing short of rocky and unstable. The couple began their relationship issues a few years ago when rumors of Hemsworth cheating rose to the media surface. Then again rumors followed relating to Miley and her LOL movie co-star Adam Sevani.

Other shenanigans took place among the young couple; from fights, breakups and pot.  It seems the straw started breaking the camel’s back this year when Hemsworth was rumored to be cheating with January Jones. Thereafter, Miley and Hemsworth’s relationship began a rapid, downward spiral.

It seemed even the Hemsworth family was beginning to see signs of the crumbling mess around the couple. Shortly, after the VMA performance of Miley, it was rumored Hemsworth was handling it. It seems he did not take too kindly to it at all. After all Miley did not just perform, she integrated a questionable level of teddy bears, sexual moves  and the infamous twerk dance against Robin Thicke.

What Will the Future Bring?

Miley is concentrating on her Wrecking Ball album which at this point seems more literal in intent. Maybe after seeing how disgusted many fans were by her antics and now seeing Hemsworth so ready to move on, Miley will stop to contemplate her actions. She did well with the talent bestowed to her by her star powered childhood. Granted no growing star wants to be seen as a child forever. Miley can choose to be a creative talent instead of a questionable one. Hemsworth is currently in production filming Cut Bank and will be entering the pre-production stages for The Hunger Games due to arrive in 2014 and 2015. Maybe with the latest news of Eiza Gonzalez and Liam Hemsworth as the hottest, new couple- the public will unfollow the drama and antics of the past month.


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