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GTA V Fans Demand Game Reviewer be Fired After Less than Perfect Score

Grand Theft Auto V Fans Demand Game Reviewer be Fired After Less than Perfect Score
A transgender game reviewer has come under attack after she gave the new Grand Theft Auto V game a less than perfect score. When the YouTube Gamespot reviewer, Carolyn Petit, gave the video game a 90 instead of 100, or a 9 out of 10, fans of the game demanded that she be fired.

While the score irritated a lot of the franchise’s fans, it was the reviewer’s personal opinion that really enraged a lot of gamers. Petit said that after playing the game she felt that it was “politically muddled;” some of the characters were not well developed; and that the game was misogynistic in its dealing with females in the verse.

Incredibly, fans of the game felt that Petit had gone too far with her breakdown. A petition was started online to get the reviewer fired from the Gamespot website. But Carolyn was not alone in her belief that the game was not perfect. Greg Tito from The Escapist, also gave the game a less than perfect score. A lot less, 3.5 out of 10.

Both reviewers have gotten threats and wholesale hate from the gaming community.

The big difference between the two reviewers was that Petit actually liked the game overall. She loved the gameplay, just not the way that Grand Theft Auto V treated female characters. Which, to be honest, is how that particular game verse has always treated women; misogynistically. No real surprise there. In a game where you can “buy” a hooker, force her to have sex with you and then have the option to rob and murder the same individual speaks volumes about how the game treats women.

Tito, a 35 year-old male gamer and reviewer for The Escapist, felt this game lacked the “moralistic” ground that other games in the franchise had. Characters in previous games had reasons for the violence and the killing. In the latest game, death is handed out indiscriminately and for no discernable reason. Hence the low 3.5 score.

But the issue here is not the gameplay. Nor is it about the less than perfect scores, although Petit still gave the game an almost perfect score for gameplay alone. The issue is that certain members of the gaming community are ganging up on the transgender reviewer. Not only demanding that she be fired, but becoming very nasty about the very fact of her being transgendered. It seems that Grand Theft Auto V gamers may just be identifying too much with the game’s characters.

It appears the the petition has been taken down. But the tide of hate against both reviewers continues. Youtube, where both of the reviews can be seen, has been flooded with negative, nasty and trollish comments on the channels where the reviews are posted.

Petit has been singled out specifically because of her transgender status. Tito has received his fair share of hatred for his honest review. He points out in his review that the protagonists in this Rockstar game are no longer anti-heros. They aren’t much of anything at all and the reviewer did not enjoy the game. His low score of 3.5 should have earned him as much vitriol as Petit’s 9 out of 10.

But the gaming community have zeroed in on Carolyn Petit. Why? Well the reviewer committed three sins. She dared to make her feelings about the misogynistic nature of GTA V known and then gave a less than perfect score to the newest in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. But worse than either of those two actions, is the fact that she is a girl. Even worse, she used to “be” a guy.

It does seem to boil down to that issue. Female reviewers on YouTube are trolled on a regular basis by a certain portion of the gaming community. Whether they have valid points in their reviews or not, they will be targeted for attack by a certain faction of male gamers.

Greg Tito gave the game a much lower score and he has faced nowhere near as much hate, nor has he been maliciously targeted to the extent that Carolyn has by the gaming community. Petit on the other hand has been vilified and fans of the game want her fired.

It is obvious to anyone who has played Grand Theft Auto that misogyny is an intricate part of that verse. Petit pointing it out and letting it affect the game’s overall score marginally should not bring about Carolyn’s getting fired from Gamespot as a reviewer. With fan reactions this extreme, is it any wonder that the gaming community have such a bad reputation.

It is glaringly obvious that the hate being spewed at Carolyn Petit has nothing to do with her Grand Theft Auto review and everything to do with being transgendered. A portion of the gaming community demanding that she be fired because of a less than perfect score, is ridiculous. It is not the game that is the issue here, but the reviewer being a transgender individual. And that is disgusting.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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