Alan Bacon Forced to Dance at Group Interview for Electrical Store

Man Made to Dance in Group Interview

Man Made to Dance in Group Interview

Group interviews are all the rage in the United Kingdom. Businesses are preferring the group scenario opposed to the more personal, and money wasting, one-on-one personal interview. For anyone who has not had the pleasure of this experience, it can be daunting. And for a man who was forced to dance at a group interview for a national electrical store it was humiliating and it ended with his not getting a job.

21 year-old Alan Bacon, a recent university graduate said that after the experience he felt “humiliated and degraded.” He and several other candidates for jobs at the Curry’s electrical store were forced to dance with one another as part of their job interview.

Somewhat incredibly, Alan and the other job hopefuls were told to show their dance-floor techniques to a song by the French recording duo Daft Punk. The dancing took place at a Cardiff, Wales branch of Currys.

Bacon, who says that he is a “massive nerd,” felt that he would have been an excellent asset to the electrical store. Alan also revealed that he’d spent a week studying up on the latest electronic gadgets to get ready for the interview.

Curry’s have opened an investigation into the allegations made by Mr Bacon and they have informed all the candidates who attended the group interview to come back for another one. The firm explained that the dancing hopefuls would have a “proper” chance to show what they could bring to the company.

Alan studied documentary film and television at university in Newport. After he graduated from the course he stated that he had applied for some 300 jobs. But he was interested in working for Curry’s as a sales assistant because of his love of electronic gadgets.

In relating what happened on his Curry’s interview, he said that all 10 applicants were taken to a room in the back of the shop. He said that after short introductions, “we were asked to dance.” Bacon said that his heart, “immediately sank” because he knew that the brushing up he had done before the interview was not going to help him.

The 10 hopefuls were then split into two groups and made to dance with one another to Daft Punk’s Around the World. Alan said that he felt, debased, disgraced, and disappointed. But he went on to say that as he really needed the job he would smile and do it. But internally he wasn’t enjoying the experience.

The young man and his fellow applicant’s being forced to dance as part of their group interview for an electrical store sales position was, apart from being ridiculous, a demeaning and cruel thing to do.

Alan Bacon said that although he did it, “inside it wasn’t a very pleasant experience.”

After the display of his reluctant footwork, he got a call from Currys just hours after the humiliating experience. They told him that he would not fit in with their team.

The Currys Electrical company owners, Dixons Retail, had their Spokeswoman release a statement that said the whole experience had been a local mistake. The statement read, “We are extremely disappointed that one of the management team at the store in question did not follow our official recruitment processes…”

The spokeswoman also said in the statement that all who attended the group interview with Alan Bacon would be asked back to have a proper chance to show what they had to offer the company. The statement did not say whether the new interview would be another group experience.

With jobs being difficult to find in today’s market, the news that a man, and nine other applicants were forced to dance in their group interview for an electrical store sales position is neither amusing nor clever. Group interviews are cold and impersonal enough without adding in humiliation.

Michael Smith
United Kingdom