Miley Cyrus Vogue Tells Her to Twerk Off

Miley Cyrus Vogue Tells Her to Twerk Off

While Miley Cyrus made sure that her performance on the MTV VMA’s was controversial enough to get some welcome, and not so welcome, publicity; a few people were not impressed. Vogue magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour, for instance. She has pretty much told Miley to “twerk off!”

It appears that the 20 year-old pop star’s over-the-top raunchy and too-risque, performance on the show had an adverse affect on Wintour. Miley was slated to be on the cover of the fashionable fashion mag. A photo shoot opportunity that would have garnered Cyrus loads of prestigious publicity.

But not now.

It seems that a lot of Miley fans were put off by her lack of judgement in performing the sexy, gyrating and downright lewd number on the MTV show. Allegedly Wintour, after seeing the twerking example that Cyrus was setting, nixed the cover spot.

Apparently, the We Can’t Stop singer had already done a photoshoot for the magazine that was slated to be their December 2013 cover. It seems like Vogue does not want to have that sort of image on the front of their issue.

A source told Hollywood News Daily that the second Miley stepped foot on the MTV stage in her “teddy” outfit and her tongue started flitting around like it was alive, her Vogue cover was axed. The source said that editor Anna “found the whole thing distasteful.” So distasteful that she opted to have the December cover take a “different direction.”

A direction that did not include Miley Cyrus. Vogue has told her to, “Twerk off.”

Obviously, getting on the cover of this “high-brow” fashion magazine would have been a huge feather in Miley’s cap. Her quest to become a grown-up performer in the “grown-up” world could have been aided by the shoot.

She would have been in the company of such luminaries as fan favorite Jennifer Lawrence and Katy Perry. Cyrus being on the cover could have been helpful in her wanted to be seen as the adult that she’s aspiring to be. And not as the former Hannah Montana.

Cyrus has been so focussed in cutting that Disney umbilical cord that she has gone into overdrive. She used her over-the-top performance in her MTV VMA appearance as the “coup de grace” to her Disney television princess childhood image.

Unfortunately she was so OTT that her fans were asking if she had come onstage under the influence of drugs and parents have been making their younger children, who were fans of Miley’s, to take her off their Twitter list.

She may have gotten the publicity she wanted and finally killed off Hannah Montana, but at what cost. If Anna Wintour has struck Miley’s name off the December issue of cover of Vogue, what will happen next. Will other prestigious, that’s spelt grown-up Miley, publications follow suit? Or is Wintour being a little too uptight?

It is amazing that the repercussions of that August 25 VMA performance are still being felt. Still, no “official” word has come from Vogue to back the insiders claim. It may just be more hype caused by Miley Cyrus’ killing of Hannah Montana once and for all. We will wait to see if Vogue magazine really has told Miley to twerk off.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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