Martha Stewart Takes on Apple Faces Blacklash

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Joke or not, taking to Twitter to act like a prima-donna is never a good path to walk to earn fan favor. Martha Stewart  visited the social media site Wednesday night to share a dismal moment many consumers face. Unlike those millions of consumers, it was only Stewart who came across as a novice or a snob, facing backlash from fans and other Apple users.

Martha Stewart Takes on Apple Faces Backlash

Fans and those not so fond of the domestic queen responded with helpful advice and snappy comebacks. Some fans encouraged Stewart to visit an Apple store. Others suggested she call her “helicopter response” crew or simply use the broken iPad as a serving tray. Thursday only lead to a continuation of the questionable tweets and spelling.

Martha Stewart Takes on Apple Faces Backlash

During this time, Stewart made no inclination if she was actually serious or simply joking. Individuals not familiar with any of Stewart’s possible humor traits were immediately on defense for their favorite tech company, Apple. The backlash begun and some started questioning Stewart’s ignorance on continuing the path of demanding support at her door. The next tweet suggests perhaps Apple’s PR department reached out to Stewart, but at the time of this article, the iPhone creator had not responded to calls or emails.

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When Stewart suggested that Apple should implement an Amazon-esque same day “fixit” method , fans were tired of the kitchen queen’s tweets and fired back. Many called her “entitled,” and “ridiculous.” It was then Stewart stated the whole thing was a joke to handle her frustration of replacing an iPad given to her by Steve Jobs.

Martha Stewart Takes on Apple Faces Backlash

While fans forgive Stewart for the “joke,” it seems Stewart is looking to continuously stir the pot (no pun intended.) To further cause stress between her own PR team and the public, Stewart told the Today show she enjoyed her time on Twitter with the joke and does not understand those who “don’t have a clue” and take her much too seriously. One commenter, Rahhbriley, responded with the most agreeable comment on the 9 to 5 Mac page, “I took her comments as poorly crafted sarcasm.”

Other individuals thought it poor taste of a person with fame and fortune to make a continued joke out of a simple solution. Further yet, in her last tweet regarding the problem of her broken iPad, Stewart seems to shift the blame of the break to someone else on her team. Fans of the tech giant responded in anger across tech media outlets across the country.

Many users questioned if the domestic goddess was hitting the bottle when she tweeted her “joke.” Certainly, the millions of dedicated Apple fans can only imagine the horror if an iPad bestowed to them from Steve Jobs was damaged or fell from their hands to shatter. Then again, if Steve Jobs did hand any Apple fan an iPad, it most likely would be behind glass to never be used again.

Was Stewart hoping another big Apple name, say Tim Cook, would extend an olive branch with a free iPad Retina at the end of it? Many are pointing to the fact Stewart was aiming for a free device. What are your thoughts on Stewart’s alleged joke regarding her shattered iPad and response via Twitter? Poor joke, seeking to get something free or mega-diva mode displaying?


Written by: Angelina Bouc

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