George Bush Feeling Better After Heart Operation

George Bush better after heart operation

After receiving a heart operation during early August, former President George W. Bush appears to be on the mend. After initiating the competitive leg of his golf tournament, the Warrior Open, Bush claimed he was feeling “pretty good.”

Speaking to the Associated Press, Friday, Bush claims that he likes to remain physically fit, following the start of the 36-hole golfing event.

This will be the third year running that the George W. Bush Presidential Center has held the Warrior Open for injured soldiers, wounded during the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. A total of 24 disabled veterans were involved in the Dallas-based tournament.

According to CBS News, Bush had the following words to say:

“The example of these folks out here today is an important example for our fellow citizens…”

Bush then indicated that the military veterans were unwilling to allow their disabilities to defeat them, electing to persevere and overcome their injuries instead.

Only last month, Bush had experienced a health scare, after attending a routine medical examination. The attending physicians performed stress tests and a CT scan, the results of which indicated the presence of an occluded artery. It is alleged the medical team then opened up the artery using balloon angioplasty and then inserted a metallic stent.

Meanwhile, Bush is also coming to terms with becoming a grandfather, after his youngest daughter gave birth to her baby, Mila. The former president is said to have been overjoyed by Mila’s arrival.

By: James Fenner

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