MDMA – Ecstasy – Truth and Lies

MDMA - Ecstasy - Truth and Lies

The truth is – most MDMA on the ‘market’ today is not pure.  It is more than a rare find to locate straight-up MDMA in today’s drug market.  More often than not, the street drug ‘Ecstasy’ is cut with other chemicals or drugs such as heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, ketamine, or synthetic cannabinoids and other ingredients to cheapen the price and lower the experiential value – but up the addiction.  MDMA in its purest form is ecstasy to experience – at least once, no lies – and that’s the truth.

Whether one ought to pursue a deeper relationship with this drug is questionable beyond your initial heart-chakra opening introduction.  The pure form of Ecstasy could be beneficial in the presence of a psychotherapist or other experienced ‘tripper.’  Some feel they cannot access this state of pure, unconditional love without assistance, and to this I say – drugs are likely not the answer, maybe just a window into what it possible.

Created in 1976 by a chemist and psychedelic drug-researcher Alexander Shulgin, maker of over 200 different chemical compounds, MDMA in its purest form was thought to be a helpful and even breakthrough drug.   Shulgin introduced Ecstasy to over 4,000 psychotherapists who agreed it was a beneficial drug to help those suffering with repressed emotions from trauma unable to be accessed any other way – such as in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  MDMA has a unique way of opening what one would term the heart chakra, allowing for feelings to surface and vulnerability to be felt that would otherwise not occur.

The negatives of this drug is, as mentioned, the lack of purity in today’s market, and of course – the illegality of the drug.  There is an immediate rush of Serotonin caused by its ingestion which can deplete the body and dehydration is a big concern.  For one who has taken what is termed as ‘Ecstasy,’ the effects in the body are noticeably chemical, leaving an aching feeling in the neck and tightness in the jaw that can only be relieved once the drug has run its course through your body.  Boundaries dissolve with the use of MDMA, which is why it has become a popular rave drug.  The normal lines which divide people are no longer seen or experienced, and one is left knowing more connectivity with their fellow human beings than before the drug.  So what is the problem?

What is true about MDMA, or ‘Ecstasy’, is that it does create the experience of a massive, unrestrained heart-opening in those who consume it.  What is a lie about this same substance is the belief that you cannot get there on your own and you need a drug to do it for you.  What is a lie is the drug you may buy by the name of MDMA today, is most probably not the same drug created in the laid back farm lab of Alexander Shulgin decades ago with almost no side effects.

True, the Drug Enforcement Agency has cracked down on many would-be therapeutic drugs including well known psychedelics such as LSD, psilocybin  and peyote (mescaline).  Perhaps it is not the best solution, however, we are severely lacking in proper education regarding these substances in today’s world.  In order for them to be utilized effectively, there must be wisdom and support behind their use.  MDMA could be a gateway into understanding the heart’s emotional and spiritual potential.  Its shamanic application could train individuals in the art of self-awakening and unconditional love – if guided in this way.  Ideally, no drug ought to be used indefinitely.  These substances simply open the eyes to what is already there, possible for the human to achieve if they will but commit to the path of discovery once realized.

In this time of continued chatter about MDMA – Ecstasy- and the celebrities and stars who use it, we must repeatedly ask ourselves, what is the truth about these substances and what are just lies?  Can we make the distinction and can we make decisions based on the highest good of our souls and all those involved?  Because if we are interested in drugs for only their “party appeal”, we have missed the boat entirely.  The heart is geared to open when we are ready to receive the insights contained therein.  If we force the opening too quickly, we may experience repercussions of our actions.  The wise decision may be to just let things occur naturally, with faithful intention.

Each path to enlightenment is different.  Some of us need teachers, guides, examples, substances, sounds, inspiration or experiences in order to ‘wake us up.’  Others of us just need time.  What is the truth and what are lies may differ for each one of us, this musing was simply to scratch the surface of the exploration with MDMA, what some call ‘Ecstasy.’  Is it really?

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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4 Responses to "MDMA – Ecstasy – Truth and Lies"

  1. dj inersha   September 16, 2013 at 8:37 am

    It’s really a shame what it’s come to, the horrible compounds people are turning to because of the criminalization and demonization of psychedelic drugs. MDMA, MDEA, MDA, LSD; these are all very powerful drugs to be certain and they must be respected, but with good ‘ground control’ the risks can be minimized and great benefits can be realized. Sad that the powers that be would rather see kids huff paint than allow any space in society for a modern shamanic tradition. The quasi-legal compounds the kids have turned to (‘bath salts’, 2CE, …) are far more dangerous and ineffective than the drugs they’re ‘replacing’.

    Nice article, unexpected perspective.

  2. jim warren   September 15, 2013 at 2:48 pm

    here is a site of the leading research for MDMA

  3. What's In My Baggie?   September 7, 2013 at 5:55 pm

    I am working on a documentary project titled “What’s In My Baggie? A Documentary on the Rise of Misrepresented Substances in America.”


    Nearly 100% of substances are cut with one or more adulterant. More often than not, Synthetic Cathinones more commonly referred to as “Bath Salts” are being sold as misrepresented MDMA, whereas “LSD” is replaced with a wide variety of Research Chemicals that induce similar psychoactive effects.

    Organizations like The Bunk Police & DanceSafe (just to name a few) attend these festivals, and are often forced to distribute their Substance Test Kits under the radar and with risk of punishment from festival organizers, or worse, law enforcement.

  4. gabriela   September 6, 2013 at 8:11 pm

    remarkable insights!


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