Melissa Joan Hart Sabrina the Teenage Druggie?

Melissa Joan Hart Sabrina the Teenage Druggie?

In a revelation that is almost as disturbing as Miley Cyrus’s mission to leave her Hannah Montana days behind her, Melissa Joan Hart has told the world that she was, in essence, Sabrina the teenage druggie! The 37 year-old mother of three and star of Clarissa Explains It All; Sabrina the Teenage Witch; and Melissa and Joey, has written a “tell all” book that will be on shelves October this year.

Hart started her television career on the Saturday morning television show, Clarissa Explains It All, on Nickelodeon in 1991. She starred in the show until 1994. She then moved onto star in the ABC teen focussed Sabrina the Teenage Witch. As well as starring in the show Melissa also had producer credit for the show.

Melissa Joan Hart has always had a squeaky clean image as well as an industrious one. Her book appears to show that during her halcyon days she was also Sabrina the teenage druggie.

In the book, Melissa Explains It All: Tales from My Abnormally Normal Life, Hart takes us behind the scenes of her life. From her four year-old determination to be in show business, because no show on television had a Melissa in it, to her experiments in drugs.

This “goody-two-shoes” actress/producer/businesswoman took a real walk on the dark side during her pinnacle of television popularity. She may be settled down now with a husband and three sons, but in her memoirs, she relates her experiences with illegal substances and interactions with certain players in Hollywood.

She writes of attending a party at the infamous Playboy Mansion. Her participation consisted of taking Ecstasy and making out with another girl in the back of her limousine on the ride home. She then went to a Maxim photo shoot while still cruising on the drug.

She admits to using marijuana, “magic” mushrooms and mescaline for an 18 month time period. She explains that she was hanging around with a “bad crowd” when all this “wild” behaviour went on. Although Melissa does state that she did not enjoy the experience, claiming that she did not like the way drugs took away her feeling of control.

But Hart does say that the infamous making out session after the Playboy party was her third or fourth trying Ecstasy. She also tells of Paris Hilton offering her cocaine, which she declined – although Hilton’s rep denied this allegation when asked – and her dealings with certain celebs in the “romance department.”

One of those romances was with Jerry O’Connell, who was in Sliders at the time, and who Hart says was a “man-whore.” She also had a fling with Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys. She admits that she did not get along with Ashton Kutcher.

Apparently she did not appreciate his sense of humor and attempted to remove him a couple of times from her parties because he was being a “smartass.” Melissa Joan Hart’s book, Melissa Explains It All, will be on shelves on October 29 this year. Prepare to be entertained and surprised at the tales of Sabrina the teenage druggie.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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  1. Daniel J. Kies   September 26, 2013 at 3:47 pm

    Everybody’s lining up to be Trash Bag #1…. Betcha Shirley Temple will be admitting to a muggles addiction at the age of 7 soon….

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