Michael Douglas in Real Life Breaking Bad Situation (Video)

Michael Douglas’s Emmy Shout Out to His Breaking Bad Son (Video)

Michael Douglas’s Emmy Shout Out to His Breaking Bad Son (Video)

It was an ironic stiuation at the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards. Bryan Cranston, aka Walter White, aka Heisenberg, the meth kingpin from AMC’s Breaking Bad, presented the Outstanding Actor in a Movie or Miniseries award to Douglas. Cranston and Claire Dane were teamed together for the reading of nominees and announcing the winner. Michael Douglas got the gong for his portrayal of Liberace in Behind the Candelabra and after getting his statuette, he gave one of the more interesting acceptance speeches of the night. But he ended his humorous spiel with a shout out to his “breaking bad” son Cameron who has copied the show in real life. We have included the video of Mr Douglas’s speech below.

The connection between Cranston and Cameron has to do with the Breaking Bad character Walter White, who decides to cook meth to make enough money that his family will be taken care of when he dies. Cameron Douglas is serving a 10 year-stretch in prison for selling meth.

The 34 year-old first born of Michael Douglas has been in solitary confinement from 2011. While Cameron was in the Loretto Pennsylvania prison he failed a drugs test which showed he had drugs in his system. His punishment was to be sent to solitary confinement. Douglas’s oldest son was originally given a five year prison term in 2010. His sentence was extended in 2011, when he was found to be in possession of drugs inside the prison, by four and a half years.

Cameron has not had a smooth time in prison apart from the time added onto his sentence, he also had his leg broken in December 2012 by another prisoner. Unlike his counterpart on Breaking Bad, Cameron, has been jailed for his dealings in meth. The real life situation was what lead to Michael Douglas’s Emmy shout out to his son and what prompted him to complain about the United States prison system.

The first part of the 68 year-old star’s speech was full of double entendre jokes with his co-star and fellow nominee for Behind the Candelabra Matt Damon. After asking Damon whether he wanted the top or the bottom, he then went on to thank his wife Catherine Zeta Jones, who was not present, and his children. He finished by saying that he hoped that the prison officials would allow him to see Cameron soon.

The reason Douglas mentioned the issue of visiting his son was because since Cameron was caught with drugs in the prison part of his punishment, along with his extended sentence, was a cessation of visits for two years as well. The Behind the Candelabra star explained to reporters afterward that Cameron was in a federal prison because of his conviction for selling drugs.

Douglas also explained that Cameron was a drug addict and that he had been for a large part of his life. Michael is upset that the prison system is dealing so harshly with a non-violent offender. It has been a year since Douglas was told about the two year ban on visits to his son and he is beginning to question the system.

Douglas held his hand up when Cameron was sentenced and said that he had been a bad parent. He then went on to say that in the beginning he was disappointed in his son. He now says that he is disappointed in the prison system. Michael Douglas giving his son an Emmy shoutout, must have felt the irony of the moment that Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston came out with Claire Danes to name the winner. His son Cameron is living a real life version of the meth related program on AMC. Unfortunately he will not be able to talk to his dad about the situation anytime in the near future. We have Michael Douglas’s acceptance speech in the video below.

By Michael Smith
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