Michael Jackson: Rises from the Dead?

Micheal Jackson: Risen from the Dead?

Ever since Michael Jackson died on Jun. 25, 2009, his ghost seems to continue to rise from the dead, in one way or the other, to haunt the living. AEG Live, for instance, is still battling with his haunting spirit. A lawyer representing the company said, in his closing argument against the suit by Jackson’s family, that Jackson should be held responsible for his death because he is an adult with the privilege of making decision by himself. As the case is now turned to the jury, who knows whether the risen spirit of Jackson will win the case like he won that of his physician, Conrad Murray.

Murray was not so lucky to escape from the grasps of the risen spirit of Jackson. It even seems that the doctor understood that what was seeking revenge was not Jackson’s family but the spirit of the King of Pop. If not, who can explain why Brenda, Lionel Richie’s ex-wife, could come to court to testify that the spirit of Jackson visited her and told her that it was he, Jackson, who took his own life unintentionally? Therefore it was not Murray’s fault that Jackson died. It also seems that the judge presiding over the case understood that the case at hand was that of the risen spirit and that made him allow the claim to be heard. But, Jackson’s spirit could not relent until he saw Murray being sentenced in 2011.

Legal issues were not the only place Jackson’s spirit has risen from the dead to haunt the living. The king of Pop’s neighbors of his former Beverly Mansion as of 2012, three years after his death, were still reporting scary activities attribute to Jackson. One of his neighbors reporting to Daily Star said, “It has freaked everyone out. When he was living there, Michael would regularly look through the curtains and see who were around… people have heard his music coming from the house and even singing. Everyone thinks that Michael’s ghost walks around the house.”

Another neighbor said, “It is so weird. The world knew that Michael was obsessed by the afterlife, from his songs like Thriller. He believed in spirits – now his own has returned.”

His neighbors were not the only ones with the story of the risen-from-the-dead spirit of Jackson. La Toya Jackson, his sister, believed also that the King of Pop’s spirit was haunting their family compound in Encino. WQEL, a radio station at Ohio reported that, “La Toya Jackson has recently contacted a psychic who has helped her come to terms with the spooky events that have been taking place inside the family house.”

However, not everybody saw the risen spirit of Jackson as haunting. For one, the cast and crew of Cirque Du Soleil’s ‘One’ feels that Jackson spirit was with them when they were working on the new spectacular for several months at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. According to their sound designer, Jonathan Deans, Jackson “Presence is definitely here. You close your eyes and he’s in the room. Hopefully, he will be sitting here saying that is great.”

By Ezeiyoke Chukwunonso

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