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The Microsoft Surface Event held in New York on Monday was center stage for the announcement of their two new tablets, Surface 2 and Surface Pro.

Although many view the original surface tablets to been met without much enthusiasm, Microsoft is hoping to impress with these new tablets that offer more efficient processors, enhanced HD screens, more storage space and an assortment of other technology niceties.

Panos Panay, Microsoft VP, said on Monday that the new display screen has color display nearly 50% more than the current Surface Tablets.

The Microsoft Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 have been reported to arrive in a 10-inch measurement.  There is also talk that Microsoft is contemplating releasing a “Surface mini” which would measure in at a minimal 7 or 8-inch slate.

It is clear that despite these design upgrades, some analysts are still unconvinced with the Surface Tablets. The new improvements with the Surface Pro and the Surface 2 have addressed the glitches in the original design but still do not offer anything that could be categorized as champion. It is interesting to note that the lack of victorious success prevails despite separate studies conducted by two researcher firms, Forrester and Gartner. The studies indicate that many consumers are more likely to expense on a tablet that can be used more like a laptop.

Compared with the Apple iPad, the price of the recently announced Microsoft Surface 2 is considerably the more affordable option. The Microsoft Surface has announces that new Surface Tablets boast an impressive 32GB, including Windows RT 8.1, a full two years with 20GB of Microsoft SkyDrive, one-year free use of voice calling on Skype to Wi-Fi and landlines in about 60 different countries.

This will retail at an MSRP of $449 and also includes  ClearType that comes with 10.6-inch, a full 108op HD display, NVIDIA’s most recent Tegra 4 SoC and a graphics engine with 72-core NVIDIA GeForce. Add to this a 3.0 USB port, HD video output and an affordable package of value is gained. The new kickstand has also boosted the ratings. It is more versatile, with two options now to choose from instead of the originals first and only, slightly more awkward, kickstand. There is some disappointment within the market that Microsoft has chosen to carry on selling their keyboards and Surfaces separately. On a positive note, Microsoft has shown some aesthetic enhancement in this area too, with many saying the new keyboards are “prettier” than their predecessors.

As a possible new marketing tactic to draw in more Microsoft users, Microsoft is offering to buy used iPhones. The minimum rate so far has been $200 for an iPhone 4S or 5. The trade-in program, launched on Friday, is aimed at switching consumers to Microsoft from Apple.

An iPad trade-in program was opened prior to this and the iPhone buyback works similarly. Customers wishing to trade in their well-used iPhones are only able to do it in a retail outlet in Puerto Rico, the US and Canada. Online trade-ins are not available. The iPhone buyback program is said to expire on November 3 and in the interim, Apple has already launched their star of the show, the iPhone 5S and the more affordable 5C.

The newly announced Microsoft Surfaces are still going to reveal if they are set to prove their worth for the company.

Written By: Jessica Rosslee

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