U.S. Government Shut Down in 48 Hours

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The United States Government now has less than two days to halt a shutdown of its government services amidst the political unrest that is being fought over Obamacare. Yes the U.S. government may shut down in 48 hours if the Republicans and the Democrats cannot come to an agreement over the healthcare plan.

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives decided to yank any funding for the President’s healthcare plan, therefore increasing the chance of a shutdown. Congress has to decide on a newer spending policy before the U.S. fiscal year is over come midnight on Monday. If this was to flop, non-important federal services would face closing up.

During Sunday, the House did send through a revised version of the bill in the Senate but it had taken out all monies for Obamacare. Because of this, Harry Reid, the U.S. Senate Majority leader, stated that the Democrat-led chamber will out and out discard the Republican version of the bill.

The Senate is not scheduled to meet again until Monday afternoon, so that means there will be only a few hours for another bill to go through that will weaken the law. The Democrats have said they feel they are still at “square one” with the Republicans in making any headway. The U.S. Government may end up shutting down in 48 hours if something is not done and done soon.

White House spokesman Jay Carney has stated that President Obama would veto any Republican bill and that any member of the Republican Party who would vote for such a bill wants a shutdown of government.

Regardless, House Republicans charged forward, paying no attention to the President’s veto threat and passed the bill by 231 votes to 192 in one of their late night sessions. With the Senate controlled by the Democratic Party, and the Republicans having the majority hold in the House of Representatives, it does not seem like anything can get agreed upon.

This has been threatened to the American people before with this administration and really did happen 17 years ago, and this time it actually might just happen again. President Obama said that thr healthcare law is going to happen and the Republican repeal effort was not. He stated how the Senate had done well in passing the budget plan and it was time now for Republicans in the House of Representatives to do the very same thing.

If the American government would shut down on Oct. 1, as many as a third of its 2 million workers would be expected to stop their employment. Those same individuals would have no guarantee that they would get any back pay once things returned to normal.

National parks and monuments would close up, but programs considered critical, such as air traffic control and food inspections, would not stop. People who depend on government checks and pensions would have to deal with delays in their money. It will be poor political action all around if the U.S. Government was to shut down in 48 hours. This is something Americans definitely do not need.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble



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