Miley Cyrus Cheating and Pink Twerking Like a Mofo

MIley Cyrus Cheating Pink Twerking Like a Mofo

According to Pink, real name Alecia Moore, Miley Cyrus is cheating. Not that Pink is complaining, on the contrary, she thinks that Ms Cyrus is “freaking talented.” But in the terms of her MTV VMA performance, Pink says she didn’t need to perform so outlandishly. She added that Miley is beautiful and she can, “sing her a** off.” But in the area of twerking? Pink says that she herself, “twerks like a mofo.”

But the straight talking Pink said that her take on Miley’s controversial performance on the MTV show was that it came across as “tacky.” But the 34 year-old singer/songwriter and actress is not “dissing” Cyrus.

Far from it.

When Pink said that Miley was cheating, she meant on herself, and as a result she cheats everyone else. But the singer/songwriter went on to say the the twerking youngster can do what she wants. Although Pink says that she doesn’t get into what Miley is trying. As she puts it, Miley is better than that.

Pink spoke to while doing promotion on her latest movie project, Thanks for Sharing. The film, directed and co-written by Stuart Blumberg and starring Tim Robbins, Mark Ruffalo, Gwyneth Paltrow, Pink (as Alecia Moore) and Josh Gad. The film opens on September 20 this year.

It was while speaking of Miley’s cheating performance and her twerking onstage that Pink’s co-star in Thanks for Sharing said that she twerked on the film set “all the time.” The singer then chimed in that she, “twerked … like a mofo.” But joking aside, Pink said she realizes just how much effort goes into what  Cyrus does.

Being a veteran stage performer, Pink knows the hard work that goes into doing any live performance. She has her own values about work. She feels she owes it to the audience who pay hard-earned money to see her shows. Pink admits that she doesn’t always perform up to expectations but she tries very hard to get there.

The singer and mother of one,  has branched into acting a few times and each time she ventures into the world of celluloid, she impresses. And according to her co-star Gad, while she was disarming everyone by wandering around and acting confused, she was also acting her butt off.

He related to that the singer was “stupid good.” Gad added that she would apologise in case she messed something up and then would go on to steal the scene. Ms Alecia Moore, aka Pink, has a lot in common with Miley Cyrus. Both are performers who can act and sing.

The main differences are that Pink started acting after being a singer/songwriter first and Miley, courtesy of Disney and Dad sang and acted at the same time. Both are performers who bring a lot to the table, but Pink has the advantage of being that bit older and wiser. She has learned from her mistakes.

Miley will, no doubt, make mistakes as she forges a new direction for her career. Whether the MTV live performance was a mistake will be judged by the amount of old Hannah Montana fans she loses and the new Miley Cyrus fans she gains. But Pink has faith in her younger counterpart. As she said, Miley was cheating on the VMA’s, and she is better than all that sleazy attention getting. But it sounds like Miley may have to practise a lot if she wants to beat Pink at twerking. Afterall, Pink twerks like a “mofo.”

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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