Miley Cyrus: Cher Critique Equals Foot in Mouth

Miley Cyrus: Cher Critique Equals Foot in Mouth

Miley Cyrus: Cher Critique Equals Foot in Mouth

67 year-old singing superstar Cher gave Miley Cyrus a critique on her VMA performance that was a bit harsh. Then, after the Believe singer had a chance to reconsider, she admitted that she most likely put her foot in her mouth.

Cher is not alone in her reaction to Miley’s performance. Bear in mind that her live number at the MTV Video Music Awards was almost a month ago. But despite all that time, folks are still talking about and analyzing Cyrus and her over-the-top routine. Among other artists who have put their two cents in, we have Pink, Paula Patton and Britney Spears. Not all of these other critics have been negative though.

Britney stated that she felt that the 20 year-old performer was just having fun and Patton agreed. Cher, on the other hand, who is at the age that most people are eligible for a bus pass and some sort of retirement payment, was not so forgiving.

Speaking to USA Today on Tuesday this week, Cher explained that despite her age she was not old-fashioned. She explained that Miley could have come out on the stage in her birthday suit. Her point being that if Miley had “rocked the house” she would have been very supportive.

But nothing breeds flattery like success. And since Cher’s rather harsh critique on Miley’s VMA number, Cyrus has a number one hit with Wrecking Ball. And in the music video for her number one, she wears nothing but a wrecking ball and some tennis shoes.

Obviously for Miley’s fans, less is best since the downloads for her latest single from her Bangerz album has broken records all over the place in terms of sales and views. Somewhat amazingly, Miley has not jumped on her beloved Twitter to complain about Cher’s dissing her performance.

Cher, on the other hand is no stranger to controversy herself so she has gone onto her Twitter account and tweeted a little damage control. Because the iconic singer felt that she had been too hard on Miley. It makes sense that the performer who showed the world her tattooed buttocks in a music video aboard the USS Missouri in one of her music videos should back up a little bit on the criticism.

On Saturday, Cher tweeted that she should have chosen her words a bit more carefully. She said that she should have said that she was not too keen on the performance, but, Miley was “pushing the envelope” and being an “artist.” Cher followed that admission with another tweet that claimed Cyrus was talented and she did not commit “a felony.”

The senior citizen singer has also revealed that she feels a bit ashamed of herself for being so harsh about Miley’s routine on MTV. She has gone so far as to admit that she regretted opening her mouth about the show and that she actually thinks young Miley is a great performer.

And Cher went back to Twitter to tweet that she was a little “ashamed” and then goes on to say that the admission is b***sh*t. Her tweets also admitted that despite thinking what “she thought,” she should have kept her “big opinionated mouth closed.

Continuing to use her Twitter to punish herself for being so judgemental, she tweeted that she was too old to fall into that sort of behaviour. She did go on to say that it was not an apology, it was more like a reminder. Cher said that if she did not practice her “principles” she would lose them.

And in a sort of “backhanded” compliment, she went on to say that currently it did not matter how good you were, but how much publicity you got. She also admitted that at 67, she was too old to “twerk.” Cher has admitted that her critique was too harsh and the implication is that she has put her foot in her mouth. At least she’ll have food for thought while she waits to drop her new single Woman’s World from her latest album Closer to the Truth.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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  1. What I’m shocked that Cher couldn’t have understood was that, as a precocious wise-beyond-her-years critique of the Robin Thicke unrated video Blurred Lines, Miley Cyrus’ performance really nailed it shut. Also, there is no “formula” for shocking, by definition.

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