Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana Is Sexing It up

Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana Sexing It Up

For all those Miley Cyrus fans who already suspected it, the former Hannah Montana’s revelation that she is sexing it up in the image department, will come as no surprise. While speaking to French television’s Le Grand Journal she talked about sexing up her image to garner more attention worldwide. She wants to make an impact.

She has.

She also spoke about that infamous Cyrus tongue. She’s planning on retiring the tongue action. Even though she referred to the oral gesture as her new “Miley tongue” and that it was part of her style. She says she will taking the tongue out of action.

The 20 year-old singer explained that the tongue thing has gotten old and there are too many people imitating her licking fetish. She said, “They’re all doing it!” While the mimicking is flattering for the pop star, she is seriously planning on retiring the tongue.

But perhaps not too quickly, she does have a thing about sticking it out and she is fascinated by the length. She complained that as long as her tongue is, she should be able to touch her nose. This may just be challenging enough to keep her licking action going for a little while longer.

As part of Miley Cyrus’ new Hannah Montana sexing it up drill, she appeared naked in her new music video, Wrecking Ball and that lack of clothing garnered her over 19 million views on Vevo in the first 24 hours it was up. She broke records as a result. She has also promised a “director’s cut” if the views top 150 million.

There is no telling what the director’s cut might be. Miley naked for the entire video? It could be, she is not afraid to court controversy and she did acknowledge she’s very comfortable with her new sexual image.

While on the French television talk show, she spoke a bit about her outrageous live performance on the MTV VMA show. A performance that has continued to heat up Twitter, the internet, and media across the world. Her sexually suggestive actions and interactions with fellow singer Robin Thicke brought complaints flooding in.

But Miley isn’t bothered by all the negativity. She explained laughingly that what is done is done. She said she won’t be apologizing for the number and she cannot go back and “undo” it. She revealed that she does everything for a reason and that regardless of what people may think, her mother “is very proud of me.”

Cyrus revealed that her plan was to make history on the show and she believes she succeeded. She is pleased with the result of the live performance and the response that videos of the show have gotten online. She enjoys the world wondering what she will get up to next.

In the interview, she admitted that she was sexing it up with her Hannah Montana image and that she was pleased that everyone’s eyes were on her. She explained that despite the bittersweet nature of her changing image, she wants people to remember her. After the VMA’s and her last video, no one will be able to forget.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom

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