Miley Cyrus Needs to be Spanked

Miley Cyrus Needs Spanking

While Miley Cyrus and her newest single Wrecking Ball continues to garner views that can best be described as meteoric, the complaints about her MTV VMA performance continue. Outraged viewers of the live show on Sunday August 25 this year have flooded the FCC, aka Federal Communications Commission, with shocked and angry reactions. One even stated that not only should Miley be fined, but that she needs to be spanked.

On the day that Billboard have predicted that the streaming numbers for her new “naked” video will reach such high figures that she will nail the number one spot in next week’s Hot 100′ complaints from viewers about her live MTV routine are still rolling in.

One hysterically funny complaint from Maryland, states that not only did she back into Robin Thicke’s “genitals” doggy style, but she “humped him” like a “b**** in heat.” The Maryland resident stated that if they had wanted to show their family a live sexual performance they would have gone to Tijuana.

Another went on to complain that you could “clearly” see that Thicke had an erection. Apparently, though, the FCC say that you can’t. Not unless, the Connecticut viewer had a really big television screen and got right up on top of the screen to see the performance. If that is the case, they should stop or they will have to buy glasses.

We don’t know if that eagle-eyed viewer was the same one who decided that Miley Cyrus needed to be spanked or not. We imagine that they would, at the very least, agree with the idea. Whoever it was that suggested the spanking of Miley must have realized that when she is bent over in front of Thicke, that she was in the perfect position for it.

We are talking about spanking.

Another viewer of the program stated that Miley was flicking her tongue like a “demon” and that she should have been taken off the show the moment she started her “filthy actions.” To date, since the show aired back in August the FCC has received 150 complaints from incensed viewers.

The FCC have explained that they have no jurisdiction over cable channels like MTV. But the commission continue to receive complaints from irate citizens writing in about the 20 year-old former Hannah Montana’s X-rated performance. It seems that at least one person who watched the program has figured out how to keep Miley from doing something so distasteful again. They recommended that she be detoxed, taught to keep her “tongue in her mouth” and spend “12 months in a convent.”

Further infractions will not be treated so lightly.

Other actions suggested included at least two suggestions of fining although one of the viewers who suggested this was actually angry at Milly Cyrus, who apparently performed on MTV as well. Milly could also wind up jailed for her sexy and over-provocative performance!

But the final word comes from that irate person who recommended that Miley, not Milly, should be fined and spanked for her “awful behaviour.” We may be cynical, but we have a feeling that with the popularity of 50 Shades of Grey at the moment, there may be a lot of volunteers for this particular task. And not to punish Miley Cyrus either. Of course we could be wrong, just like the viewer who could “see” Robin Thicke’s erection.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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