Miley Cyrus Not Waiting Around She Is Dating Mike Will Made It

Miley Cyrus Not Waiting Around She is Dating Mike Will Made It

Liam Hemsworth may be breaking records with the speed that he is moving on after splitting up with his ex Miley Cyrus, but she is not waiting around either. She is dating Mike Will Made It aka Mike Will.

Liam has been seen with the Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez. The two spent last weekend hanging around the 23 year-old Hunger Games star’s digs in Las Vegas. The two were pretty low profile and were only seen participating in a public display of affection in Beverly Hills on Tuesday. The new lovebirds waited until they had left Vegas and were outside Eiza’s apartment in Beverly Hills when they were photographed in a romantic clinch that was “sealed with a kiss.”

The media has been siding with Miley and dishing up loads of sympathy for the Wrecking Ball singer.

But it looks like all that sympathy might be wasted. Both the National Enquirer and Star magazine have reported that Miley is dating music producer Mike Will Made It. Mike’s real name is Michael Len Williams II. She has been working with Mike for a little while now. He worked with the 20 year-old former Hannah Montana star on her Bangerz album.

Apparently when Liam Hemsworth was packing his things and moving out on August 25, Miley was walking down the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards with Mike Will Make It. And the record producer has posted lots of pictures of the two of them hanging out together on Instagram. According to Star magazine a source confided that “everyone” knows that the two have hooked up.

It appears that when the press was speculating that Liam had been stepping out on Miley with Mad Men actress January Jones, Miley had been doing her own “stepping out!”

There are rumors that Cyrus must have been cheating on Liam while the two were together. But considering that the couple’s relationship finished earlier than its formal announcement, probably not. The supposition that both Miley and Liam were “cheating” comes from the idea that the two were still a couple when Miley first started “hanging” with Mike Will Made It.

Besides producing Miley’s new Bangerz album, the Atlanta, Georgia native also did a collaboration with Cyrus, along with Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J for the single 23 from his own album. The single was dropped on September 9 this year.

Miley certainly seems to have come out ahead after her split with Hemsworth. Taking into consideration that $250,000 engagement ring that Liam told Miley to keep and “do what she wanted with it;” in the terms of jewellery, she has made out like a proverbial bandit. Not that Miley needs any help buying jewellery, with Wrecking Ball slamming into the number one slot on Billboard’s Top 100, and the view count of her video passing the 125 million mark, her earning power is up in the stratosphere right now.

It also looks like Cyrus may be thinking ahead in regards of her “new” relationship with Mike Will Made It. Since he worked on her Bangerz album, it would make sense to keep him around for future projects. A sort of “keeping it in the family” type arrangement.

So don’t bother wasting any sympathy on Miley Cyrus. She is not waiting around to find a replacement for Liam Hemsworth. She has already found one! She is dating Mike Will Made It and has been for awhile. So at the end of her relationship with Liam, she got the ring and a new man.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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