Miley Cyrus Poses Nude for Rolling Stone


Rolling Stone magazine interviews Miley Cyrus and the cover photograph is of her naked. None of this is really anything that should shock anyone who follows whatever Cyrus has been doing lately. But some of the things she talks about can be enthralling. She was interviewed after performing at the 2013 MTV VMAs. The magazine gets a deeper look at what is making Miley do what she is doing today and why.

Cyrus wanted to do something special for her first big cover story, so she had the words ROLLING STONE tattooed on her. It is not sure why she felt this was important but she did it. She also stated that the actor Steve Carell is her neighbor but that she felt he did not like her because of her fast driving.

She also told Rolling Stone that Kanye West helped her out before the VMA’s and gave her a pep talk before the show went on the air. They are now asking each other about music and fashion ideas.

Miley said she honestly was not trying to be sexy with the foam finger. She said she also did not think she would ever twerk with her tongue in public again because everyone expected her to do it now. She is also bothered about people thinking that she is adopting black culture. She just thinks that everyone is collaborating and she does not pay any attention to what skin color her dancers have.

She believes that she is a kind of mentor to Justin Bieber. She stated she knows she is not much older than him but she has been in the music business a long time and she does not think he has gotten to where she is yet. She believes he is a good singer but that people do not take him seriously. She hopes that changes as he gets older, that he will be taken more seriously as an entertainer and not be considered a joke.

Miley told RS that she and actor Demi Moore are close, partly because they probably needed one another at the point in their lives that they were together, and that they both needed to be out of Los Angeles. She also said she use to believe Billy Ray Cyrus, her dad, was “a freak” but that she then discovered he was only a stoner. Guess that made everything okay. She stated she really starting liking her dad better since she realized he was a marijuana fan. All the times she believed him to be a weirdo, he was just “stoned” she was quoted as saying.

She actually has gone sky diving, and after she did it, she called her mother to let her know she was all right. She said by jumping, it let her know who she really loved by who she called up when she landed and let know them know you lived through it.
The naked Miley Cyrus also talked to Rolling Stone about being a Malibu kind of girl, a fan of the drink that is.


Written by: Kimberly Ruble


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