Miley Cyrus Pregnant by Juicy J?

Miley Cyrus Pregnant by Juicy J?

Miley Cyrus spoke about the “news” that she is pregnant with Juicy J’s child earlier today. It seems a “satire” site called Cream BMP Daily made the big announcement with a fabricated report about the BET Awards over the weekend. The site’s “satirical” article said that Miley shouted “I’m really pregnant” after Juicy J said she would be “doing a lot more than twerking.” Miley Cyrus now says she is not pregnant, but the real story behind this non-story is the fact that there seems to be a misunderstanding in our society today about the meaning of the word “satire.”

Satire is supposed to be humorous. In fact, Merriam Webster defines is thusly: “a way of using humor to show that someone or something is foolish, weak, bad, etc. : humor that shows the weaknesses or bad qualities of a person, government, society, etc.”

See the word “humor” in the definition? Humor is part and parcel of satire. Humor defines satire. Humor sets satire apart from malicious, false or intentionally misleading stories. Unfortunately, it has come to pass in the United States that “satire” has come to mean, simply, “not true.” This is an incorrect definition of satire.

Using the “Miley Cyrus is pregnant with Juicy J’s baby” example, we can see that it was published on a site calling itself a satire site. But what is funny about the story, exactly? If it turned out to be true, where could the humor be found? Why would it be funny? It would be big news in the entertainment world. It would probably bring joy into the lives of the families involved. It would give the celebrity magazines something to gossip about and would undoubtedly keep tabloid photographers very busy following Cyrus around non-stop. It would deliver thousands of additional articles, stories and rumors. The “baby bump” would be catalogued, photographed and recorded at each and every stage of its development. Then, after the child was born it would be hounded constantly every day of its life. The inevitable break-up of the two stars would be similarly recorded and devoured by the public.

But funny? No. It’s not funny. There’s nothing humorous about it whatsoever, so why did the fake and misleading story appear on a website that says it’s dedicated to “satire?” Well, probably because our standards as a society have fallen really far when it comes to talent and satire.

Now, other sites, such as Hollywood Life, are reporting that the so-called “satire” is true. In fact, Hollywood life has a headline that has not been corrected that states “Miley Cyrus Announces Pregnancy with Juicy J.” Numerous other sites have announced the “big news” as well with no corrections.

Miley Cyrus has taken to Twitter to dismiss the news and make it into a joke, saying “it makes me laugh/ sad how the world is full of dumb a*****.” She also sent a number of additional Tweets that made it very clear that the news was fake.

So no, Miley Cyrus is not pregnant by Juicy J or anyone else. Additionally, let us call upon society at large to revert to the correct an appropriate definition of satire, because unfunny fake stories are just annoying and offer nothing of value to the world at all.

By: Rebecca Savastio


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