Miley Cyrus Rapping and Smoking in ’23’ [Video]

Miley Cyrus is redefining her image

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From twerking with Thicke to rapping with Mike WiLL Made-It, Miley Cyrus is looking to gain notoriety as a cross-genre singer. Now, she is stepping into the rap battlefield, starring in Mike’s new video called 23. The video is an honor (supposedly) to NBA legendary mackdaddy, Michael Jordan. In the video, Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J. make appearances but all eyes were on Cyrus and her 23 emblazoned two-piece. In lieu of her entrance from a bathroom stall, Cyrus sashays to a mirror, a cigarette from her mouth as she scribbles 23 in red lipstick. Excited to see it?

Cyrus is loving her ability for skin exposure. She is featured on the newest cover of Rolling Stone’s October issue. Emerging from the pool, her hair is slicked back, eyeliner smeared as she offers her droplet spotted shoulder a lick. The cover comes on the tail-end of her latest album Wrecking Ball. Credit is given to where credit is due, Cyrus is creating a media ruckus and everyone is talking about her. May it be from twerking, teddy bears and her tongue – she is singing all of the way to the bank.

Credit: Rolling Stone. Miley Cyrus poses for October issue.
Credit: Rolling Stone. Miley Cyrus poses for October issue.

Rumors started surfacing that Cyrus and Mike have connected on a romantic level, especially after former fiance Liam Hemsworth was caught kissing Latina beauty, Eiza Gonzalez. Now with the release of 23 Cyrus is proving she can rap with the big boys. The jury of review is still out on her smoking in a high-school environment in the video.

Cyrus loves creating controversy. Consider her appearance on the VMA awards; there she strutted on stage clad in a teddy-bear inspired costume. Dancing around her were teddy bears. Many found the act distasteful as it seemed to be blend childhood with sexuality. Or, it could have been Cyrus’ way to show everyone she was shedding her good-girl image. Ripping her costume off revealed an itty bitty, super-tight nude colored two-piece. More than Cyrus’ tongue was wagging when she was twerking with married R&B star Robin Thicke.

Then the songstress appeared in her Wrecking Ball video nude (except those boots), riding a wrecking ball. The song preludes to a relationship gone wrong. The public can now understand Cyrus is no longer the sweet Hannah Montana and has not just turned a page, but created a brand new trilogy. Her changes from her P!nk inspired ‘do, to getting frisky on a musical stage leads many to wonder if Hemsworth bowed out following the new changes in his lady.

Sure, this can be another article trashing Cyrus. But, it is not and why? Consider the information as revealed to the public. Sure Cyrus is acting raunchy and using questionable props, but she has not suffered a Lindsay Lohan break-down, she has not been boy crazy like Taylor Swift, nor has she gone crazy with an umbrella, Britney style. For the most part she is going through a coming of age revelation in her life.

Miley Cyrus is creating a splash as a cross-genre singer
Miley Cyrus is creating a splash as a cross-genre singer

It seems Mike and other rappers are enjoying the changes and asking her to represent their brand in a music video. In addition, she is the in demand face and body to be featured on magazine covers like Rolling Stone. Love her or hate her, Cyrus is making her mark in the music industry and across the globe. What are your thoughts on the newest music video 23 featuring Miley Cyrus smoking, rapping and that two-piece?


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