Miley Cyrus Riding Her Wrecking Ball Into New Romance with Mike Will Made It

Miley Cyrus Riding Her Wrecking Ball Onto New Romance with Mike Will Made It

Liam Hemsworth may be breaking records with the speed that he is moving on after splitting up with his ex Miley Cyrus, but she is right behind him and setting up a new man in her life. She is riding her Wrecking Ball into a new romance with Mike Will Made It, aka Mike Will.

While Hemsworth’s been photographed with 23 year-old Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez, Miley has been snapped hanging out with Mike Will Made It, real name Michael Len Williams II. Last weekend, Liam and Eiza spent the weekend getting to know each other that little bit better. They were lounging around Hemsworth’s Vegas crib and pretty much staying out of the way of the paparazzi.

When they returned to Beverly Hills after their romantic weekend in Las Vegas, the couple got up close and personal outside of Eiza’s home. The paparazzi snapped the two sharing a romantic kiss and the couple appeared to be very into each other. Eiza approached Liam and the two exhibited their own, somewhat tame by Miley Cyrus standards, public display of affection and locked lips in front of the apartment.

Even though neither Liam nor Eiza were courting publicity, the media made the most of their being together and a lot of folks felt pretty sorry for Miley.

But Miley wasn’t crying into her cornflakes about Liam’s new flame. She was too busy riding her Wrecking Ball into a new romance with record producer Mike Will Made It. It wasn’t a surprise move, as the performer has been working with Mike on her Bangerz album. National Enquirer and Star Magazine have reported that the two have been an item for a while now.

Miley has been going out with Mike since the MTV VMA show on August 25 when the two were snapped together on the red carpet at the event. So while Hemsworth was packing and moving out, Miley and Mike were flirting for the camera on the way into the MTV spectacular. It wasn’t just the paparazzi that were taking pictures of the couple, the record producer was posting Instagram pictures up on the internet as well. Star magazine reports that the two have been an item for some time and that “everyone” knows it.

Presumably while Liam was seeking solace from January Jones during his tumultuous engagement with Miley, she was solace seeking with Mike Will Made It.

Even with the news that the couple really have been leading separate lives and that their relationship was in trouble long before the official announcement, it looks like both Liam and Miley were drifting. If the stories are true.

The fact is that anything that may or may not have happened with January Jones is pure speculation. While Miley has been working with Mike Will Made It since Bangerz and his single 23 which was a collaborative effort with Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J as well as the 20 year-old singer. The single, from Mike’s new album, dropped on September 9.

The former Hannah Montana “Disney Princess” got to keep the $250,000 engagement ring after Liam told his ex she could keep it as a reminder of their love. Whether Miley views the ring as a keepsake or just an expensive pice of jewellery will be up to her. But she can certainly afford to buy a replacement with the coin she’s dragging in from her Wrecking Ball downloads. Besides breaking Vevo records, it holds the number one spot in the Billboard charts this week.

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus have quickly caught themselves rebound replacements. Although things may be slightly in Miley’s favor since music producer Mike can be very useful on upcoming projects. It looks like Miley has ridden that Wrecking Ball into a new romance with Mike Will Made It. And she didn’t have to bash down any walls to do it.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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