Miley Cyrus Slapping Little Person Booty and Crying

Miley Cyrus Slapping Little Person Booty and Crying

While Miley Cyrus has been getting wildly effusive praise for her talents after the success of Wrecking Ball she stepped up on the iHeartRadio stage in Las Vegas Saturday to perform. The singer had enough little people on stage that it looked like a Wizard of Oz reunion. All that was missing was the Lollypop Guild. And Miley was really getting into her performance. Crying at one stage and slapping little person booty the next.

The former Hannah Montana performed her cover of Look What They’ve Done to my Song as part of her four song set. She also sang Wrecking Ball, her number one on Billboard chart in its first live performance. She did her routine on the Clear Channel festival outdoor stage.

The crowd was excited to see the 20 year-old singer and they were chanting the singer’s name. Darren Criss, who plays Blaine Anderson on the Fox Networks show Glee, performed the emcee duties and he introduced the We Can’t Stop singer to the audience. Criss had no trouble coming up with an appropriate intro as he fell back on the old, Miley needs “no introduction” routine.

Miley was attired in a pair of ubiquitous short-shorts with matching camisole or teddy top that laced in the front. Her cast of little-people dancers come on as mushrooms, flowers, and a couple who were wearing a huge rainbow. One of the little people was dressed in a similar style to Miley; short-shorts and a white halter-type top. It was this young lady’s booty that Cyrus slapped while they were twerking together. Her crying came later.

Miley Cyrus Slapping Booty

The drums being played for her four-song set had a picture of Miley on the bass drum with her equally ubiquitous tongue hanging out.

Her four numbers were We Can’t Stop. Party in the U.S.A., Wrecking Ball, and Look What they’ve Done to My Song. As part of her performance, she spoke of the recent negative press she has been getting. She explained that her videos and the VMA performance might be getting her in “trouble” but she was just doing what her “heart and soul” told her to do. She also admitted that everything was “inspired by music.”

It was this little spiel that prefaced her Look What They’ve Done to My Song performance. Miley did her version of the Melanie Safka song, which had a Cyrus country feel to it. The song is about being in the public’s eye and feeling pressured by the close scrutiny. Twice during her performance she “cried.” She faked tears for her Safka cover and later, when she performed her number one hit, Wrecking Ball, she cried again.

Sources at the performance were under the impression that she was really broken up while singing the song. But considering that the music video that featured Miley in her birthday suit also featured her crying, it was most likely part of the act. Although some felt it was the loss of Liam Hemsworth that prompted the tears.

When Miley ended her set with her recent number one and she thanked all her fans for supporting her. In the middle of her act one over enthusiastic fan threw a bra up on stage. Miley took it in her stride and allegedly threw it right back. She told the crowd that this was her first time to thank all her fans for helping Wrecking Ball reach number one.

Miley Cyrus put on one heck of a show. Singing, crying, slapping a little person’s booty and throwing a bra back into the crowd. What more could you ask for?

By Michael Smith
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