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Miley Cyrus so F***ed Up, She Says

Miley Cyrus So F***ed Up, She Says

While the echoes of the furor caused by Miley Cyrus’s OTT MTV VMA performance continue to resonate with the viewing public, Miley Cyrus spoke to the English newspaper the Sunday People. In the interview, the 20 year-old performer said rather bluntly: “I am so f***ed up”

The former Hannah Montana star said in her interview that she had issues and that she was “messed up.” She frankly admitted that she had concerns about her health. She also admitted that she did things that could be considered questionable.

She said: “I’m messed up. I have so many f***ing issues. I am so f***ed up – everyone does dumb stuff when they are messed up. I don’t have a normal life. I take a hiatus every now and again but I’m not good at that.”

We understand that Miley doesn’t have a “normal” life. No child star ever does. She has been compared to other child stars who have had public meltdowns in their transition to adulthood. Britney Spears who, like Amanda Bynes, was placed on 5150 hold as well as getting sent to rehab and Mischa Barton.

Cyrus, with her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, created outrage among some fans and adulation from others. She stripped down to a latex “nude” colored bra and panties while singing at the ceremony. She then sang with Robin Thicke during his number and rubbed her nether regions with a huge foam hand. She also twerked her bottom in Thicke’s crotch.

The response was a galvanic.

Parents were upset, younger viewers got on Twitter to tweet that Miley’s performance was, “scary, embarrassing, and disturbing.” Even more fans felt that Miley was committing career suicide or having some sort of very public meltdown.

Brooke Shields, who played Miley’s mother on the Disney show, expressed concern as to who was “advising her.” She should have just talked to her “daughter” and Miley would have told her, “I’m so f***ed up, but, I know what I’m doing.” Although sometimes it doesn’t seem like it.

Take her being spotted at the New Jersey Teterboro Airport. More concerns for Miley’s state of mind arose when a few days after her MTV appearance she was roaming around the airport in her pyjamas and unicorn house slippers.

It could be that her work is getting the better of her. She did talk about her hectic lifestyle to the paper earlier.

Just over a month ago, she spoke to the newspaper while promoting her single We Can’t Stop. Back then she spoke about just how hard it was on the promotional trail. She explained that it was a job that required her to be constantly on the move with little time for food or rest.

She said that all she did was work. She explained that she ate just to exist and keep moving. She said that people were impressed that she only appeared to need 45 minutes sleep. She described herself as a workhorse who loved working in the studio and that resting bored her.

She did say that, despite her love of sodas, she made sure her diet was a healthy one and did yoga and pushups daily to keep in shape.

And what about the talk of her trying to leave her Hannah Montana image behind her?

Miley says she was never like the squeaky clean Hannah and never tried to emulate the character. She explained that she felt people knew that she wasn’t really like that. She said, “I was acting and people should have known that.”

She also said that other child actors may have tried to “be” their characters but she did not. She explained that she never dressed like her alter ego Hannah, nor did she ever try to be as “good” as her.

She did say that some of the viewers notes used to drive her crazy though. She said that parents wrote in to complain about what clothes her character wore, or how she spoke to her father in the show. There were even letters complaining that Hannah had boobs!

Miley said that it was “crazy…they can’t make people not grow up.”

And that is what Miley is now, a grownup. Whether you loved or hated her performance it did generate a lot of publicity. Cyrus told her fans that her number on the show garnered a staggering 306,000 tweets per minute!

That is a definite record, one that is said to surpass the Super Bowl tweet per minute record at the end of the season.

The interview seems to show that Miley knows exactly where she is at and others agree with her. Rolling Stone magazine said that she was the one star in the show who knew what the awards were all about. Her buddy Selena Gomez agreed.

So Miley Cyrus may be self admittedly “so f***ed up.” But if she is aware of it, she isn’t going through a meltdown. Take for instance Amanda Bynes. She insisted that there was nothing wrong with her, right up to the point that she was placed on a 5150 hold. Miley knows exactly what she’s doing, she is building her career.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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