Miley the Goddess

Miley Cyrus poses nude for the front cover Rolling Stones magazine.

Miley Cyrus the Goddess


Mirror, mirror on the wall…whose the naughtiest of them all…Miley Cyrus is. Her latest exploit is posing nude for the cover of Rolling Stones magazine. Guys and gal, she is at it again, there is no stopping this storm. At the present moment she is having the time of her life. She is the darling of all the world it seems, a goddess among us mortals.

As if it was not enough of what we are seeing, reading and hearing about her, the twenty years old, is now sky diving.

Please, Miley shock us in any which way you like, sing raunchy songs, twerk , pose nude for the magazines, have affairs and break hearts right, left and front. But please don’t scare us to death with this sky diving stuff.

It is dangerous, so it is better sitting comfortably on the wrecking ball and flirting with the microphone. we don’t wanna loose someone, young, beautiful and so, so special.

And don’t mind the the detractors either. Anyway, who pushed Will to go to the MTV’s award ceremony with his family in tow. More over if he and his family are so narrow minded then let them join some obscure monastery, away from this evil and sinful world, and let the entertainment industry to its sultry ways.

Miley , darling we are so very sorry that you cried while performing at the iHearts Festival. People who have pets, know well enough, how it feels to loose one. May your dog’s soul rest in peace.

Dear, don’t take a single word of Cher about you, depress you. Old age makes a great difference because we remember the sixty seven years old in her youth was even wilder than you. Perhaps, nostalgia makes her a wee bit jealous of you and that is why she criticized your performance.

A word to Liam Hemsworth as well. Who was the enemy who caused the break up between you and the goddess because he certainly wasn’t a friend. We bet you must be regretting the break up , every single moment, but the bitter truth is, it is over between you and Miley. Who knows to what heights the goddess would have taken you to, now let bygones be bygones and move forward, as has Miley.

Dear, those who have nothing else to criticize about you, just rant and call you names. Some have called you a slut, why, because you have the presence and the figure of a statuesque goddess; while others insist you are a racist, because of the entourage of black dancers, who in fact are your buddies or as you called them’ “homies” in your interview to the Rolling Stones magazine.

Then, there are some who still fondly reminisce about the Hanna Montana of yore. Like Stephen Baldwin, who has “HM” tattooed on his shoulder. To them we say, change is the essence of life and this metamorphosis  from Hana Montana to Miley the goddess is great.

Written By: Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada

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