Miss America 2014: Donald Trump Hates on US Tattooed Soldier Miss Kansas

Miss America 2014: Donald Trump Hates on US Tattooed Soldier Miss Kansas

While Miss Oklahoma, Kelsey Griswold, appears to be the favorite to win the Miss America 2014 pageant, It is Miss Kansas who has made the biggest waves publicity wise. And somewhat amazingly, billionaire business tycoon Donald Trump hates on the US tattooed soldier Miss Kansas, aka Sergeant Theresa Vail, on the Piers Morgan show.

Miss Oklahoma may be in the lead according to bookies, but hot on her cowboy-booted heels are Miss Mississippi, Miss Georgia, and Miss Florida. All these beautiful young ladies share a 12/1 chance of taking the crown from the existing Miss America tonight.

But Miss Kansas, despite being a real live red, white and blue patriot has odds of 15/1 to win. This US Army sgt. can shoot, loves to hunt and has made the decision to bare her tattoos at the pageant. Her stand against covering up her body art with makeup is a sign of the times.

In a day and age where almost everyone seems to have some form of body ink, from a small butterfly on the back of a trim ankle, to a Hell’s Angels type insignia on a bulging bicep, tattoos are the norm.

But not to Donald Trump.

Miss Kansas has gotten a lot of support for her stance on parading her ink on the stage of the pageant. It is an empowering message, though not as impressive as Miss Iowa’s Nicole Kelly. Nicole was born without a forearm and what many would see as the ultimate stumbling block to winning at an image conscious beauty pageant, did nothing to deter Kelly from entering the contest.

With two young women who are the embodiment of an empowering message for women the world over, it is puzzling that the 67 year-old business magnate would openly hate on the tattooed US soldier Miss Kansas on her “statement” during Miss America 2014.

Donald Trump may be in his 60s, but he does understand all the hoopla behind the pageants. Especially as he is the owner of the Miss Universe Organization. In case you were not aware, it is this organization that produces: Miss Universe; Miss USA; and Miss Teen USA beauty pageants.

In his interview with Piers Morgan, Donald Trump stated that his organization did not encourage tattoos. Furthermore, personally, he is not a fan of body ink. He expressed confusion about why so many people were getting body art done. He opined that many who do, “regret it later.”

But the billionaire businessman doesn’t just hate on tattoos because of his personal beliefs. He does not find them attractive or a variation of art. He feels that most people who have tattoos done don’t go to tattooists who are artists. He claims that they are about as artistic as he is.

He also told Morgan that he would not want anyone “close to” him to have one done. So it seems like Donald Trump hates on Miss Kansas because of her tattoos and not because she is a soldier in the US Army. We applaud him for his patriotism if nothing else. Miss America 2014 will air tonight on ABC, at 9 pm ET. Not wanting to sound ageist, but perhaps tattoos, like Miley Cyrus, are for young people, Mr Trump.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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