NASA Pays18K Per Person for Extended Bed Rest Study

NASA pays big for extended bed rest study
Do you have 70 free days where you are already not getting paid?  Perhaps you want to join the team at NASA where they are paying people $18,000 for an extended bed rest study.  That’s right, NASA is looking for participants to help with their latest research project to determine beneficial measures for astronauts.  To do this, they are looking for people who are willing to spend 70 days in bed.

Apparently, this study is not meant for the lazy or “couch-potato” types.  Participants will be required to undergo rigorous exercise activities during their 70 days, though those exercises will all have to be done lying down.  If you think that sounds okay, maybe you’ll change your mind when you realize that extended periods of time in the sun are prohibited, as they want to simulate the lack of Vitamin D astronauts experience during long missions in space.  So, even though going outside would be an occasional option, those who will be studied would have to stay bent over and severely restrict their time under the sun.  Seeing how the study is taking place in Texas at the US space agency’s Flight Analogs Research Unit, sunshine might be something greatly missed, depending on the time of year.

Is a little over $9000 per month worth the extended bed rest and harsh schedule?  For some it may be just the thing the doctor ordered.  Participants are required to be in good shape and stay in good shape throughout the study.  The activities asked of them are meant to prepare astronauts for healthier space travel.  Since there is no gravity in space, astronauts don’t exert as much effort and might not get the necessary exercise they need to stay in shape,”  NASA says. Those in bed rest would be set at a slight angle, so as to allow fluids to flow to their upper body more easily, which might be a little awkward for 70 whole days.

For someone who is making next to nothing now, $18,000 for only 70 days might not be such a bad deal.  NASA will also allow for a two week recovery time at their facility after the study so participants can regulate back to “normal” and figure out what to do with their new-found riches.  Apparently, there are several variations to the study, as not everyone will do the 70 day bed rest.  Some will stay 105 days and be asked to do some more intensive resistance training while others will spend 97 days without an exercise routine.

Negative effects one might experience are atrophied muscles and loss of bone density.  It’s admitted the study is more about endurance, since there is nothing else to do but lay there the entire time.  If you have ever considered being an astronaut, perhaps this study is just for you.  Think of it as an experiment to see if you could really handle it out there in space.  To watch NASA’s  brief video click here.

How about it?  Get paid $18,000 by NASA for their extended bed rest study?  It may be challenging, but hey – what else you gonna do?  I mean, seriously?  If you are free and able, why not?  For the rest of us that are gainfully employed or engaged in life fully – it sounds like a crazy opportunity that would never be considered.  It sure is amusing to think about, however.  To apply for this study, visit the Test Subject Screening site and good luck!

Written by: Stasia Bliss

RedOrbit; ABC News; Government Executive; NASA Screen Page

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  1. joaquin zapata   September 29, 2013 at 2:56 pm

    hello,my name is joaquin zapata and im interested in your study what are the qualifications and when can i start my number is 786-399-5809

    • Stasia Bliss   September 29, 2013 at 7:29 pm

      There is a link at the end of the article you can click to fill out the form for screening. We have nothing to do with it here at the paper. Blessings! And good luck!


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