NASA Silicon Valley Merger Means Doomsday for Human Race?

NASA Silicon Valley Merger Means Doomsday for Human Race?

Designers at NASA and in Silicon Valley have been collaborating a lot recently, and it appears as though their objectives are selfless: investigating the moon, building both nano and regular robots, and printing 3-D materials on space stations. Everything sounds so fantastic, and the researchers finalizing such ventures are visionaries. Yet is it conceivable that NASA and Silicon Valley could be a twosome of peril? Could the merger of NASA and Silicon Valley mean doomsday for the human race?

The inventions these NASA and Silicon Valley researchers and designers are investigating are incredible. New innovations could help mankind in ways almost incomprehensible. Shockingly, though, any kind of addressing of these ventures as less than altruistic is met with disdain, as well as much criticism. Instantly upon representing any analysis whatsoever, the examiner is named as being “anxious about change.” The scoffer unavoidably specifies something about the inquirer being “apprehensive about the printing press” before shutting the talk down with various deriding articulations.

Be that as it may, the issue that keeps popping up is the one of manmade brainpower, and the day these researchers are striving for-when computerized reasoning supersedes human insights. NASA and Silicon Valley are diving into things like “genome printing” and have begun alluding to human organs as “biological hardware.” NASA Ames Research Center Director Pete Worden says there a “secret handshake,” when talking about future ventures, between scientists who have perused many science fiction books.

There is nothing innately hazardous in any of that, however…  shouldn’t we think about the way that science fiction shows how things can go appallingly wrong when robot/computer/digital/artificial knowledge becomes more intelligent than human brainpower?

It’s barely naive to ask if certain dangers could in fact prowl within specific NASA man-made technological manifestations, however it might be naive to accept that each innovation evangelist has a philanthropic driving force. What efforts to establish safety have been undertaken to guarantee that when the changeover to predominantly computerized reasoning happens and robots have the capacity to self-repeat ever stronger and more quick witted, that those substantial strengths will look considerately upon their human antecedents?

Maybe it appears to be truly preposterous and suspicious to live in dread of NASA created robot armed forces assuming control over the planet; all things considered, it’s a scene out of science fiction Hollywood film; however if there’s a mystery handshake between researchers to work together to science fiction ends, is it totally foolish to ask how far that handshake could go?

This notion, of counterfeit consciousness coming to be unrivaled, is not the printing press, nor is it the same concern the Luddites had when they smashed processing plants and decimated machines. No, it’s so much greater and more intricate than those innovations ever were. This thought is so far past the layperson’s creative ability it’s difficult to fully explain. Indeed, numerous individuals don’t trust in the precise things NASA and Silicon Valley are working together to make: nanorobots that stream through our brains; digital technologies being completely integrated into people, and another type of digital creature who will speak to not the zenith, but rather the precipice; the last moment before the Singularity: the minute in time when people come to be inferior to NASA and Silicon Valley created robots.

At the same time it’s all accurate. It’s not the betrayed dream of a crazy person, its 100% correct and obvious by a visit to the “Singularity University” site. It’s a “college” run by a percentage of the top designers at Google. They seek to merge us with their products and that is a fact. Now, it appears that Silicon Valley has NASA’s help in their designers’ anticipated dreams.

Might it be conceivable to inquire if there are any pitfalls hiding in the palms of the aforementioned science-fiction perusing designers as they shake one another’s hands and give one another a knowing wink?

Could the merger of NASA and Silicon Valley mean doomsday for the human race?

By: Steven Johnson


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